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ACR Satellite 2 406 EPIRB (MBEA10) - $399 from Johnny Appleseed GPS

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Posted By: Donkey, posted 2010/04/22 17:07
Cant imagine there's many of you who would be interested in this but its a good cheap price on a fairly reasonable EPIRB.

They're selling them at this price because they've had the units sitting around for the last 15 months. The battery life is good for another 3.5 years and they're changeable in any case.

Has all the various bits you want - auto activate, strobe, operation on 406 mhz.

Price your looking at elsewhere is $500 (on sale) to $700.
  • stevehl2010/04/23 01:17:21
    These are a must have item if you are hiking in the bush, mountain climbing in the Himalyas, sailing to Hawaii... you get the idea. The new ones can also send a message to a satelite and then to your iphone so your mum can track your position .
  • Donkey2010/04/23 03:38:01
    Some of the little personal ones are very portable these days. I've got an old one bought about 8-9 years ago that I need to ditch and replace now everything has switched over to 406mhz.

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