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Acer AL2423WD 24" LCD Monitor for $300 after cash back!! last day!

Posted By: bigal, posted 2008/06/29 22:37
Went to office works with a print out from the Computer Alliance web page here


it adfvertises the ACER 24" display for $399.

asked them to price match it, they said they'd check and say fine we'll do it. at the check out, they charged me $379.05.

Cashback from acer for this is $79.

Tomorrow is the last day of the cash back offer, so if you are after a 24" for $300 dont miss out!!
Expiry date:2008/07/01
  • admin2008/06/29 22:57:18
    Stunning deal bigal. Hot from me.
  • nod2008/06/29 23:02:28
    Nice deal Bigal thanks!

    Here is a link to the Acer cashback offer

    Lets hope they cough up the cashback offer faster than Microsoft seem too :D
  • bigal2008/06/30 11:45:32
    reading up on the cashback experiences on whirlpool ... not looking too good... but the consistant message is to do the following;

    1) Make sure you take a scanned image of the SNID on the cardboard :)
    2) Make sure you take a scanned image of the invoice.
    3) Make sure you send a copy to cashback@acer.com.au before the 14 day deadline (make the subject line your claim number, and the words 'supporting documents').
  • admin2008/06/30 17:49:04
    I suspect they're probably onto this by now. Or am I giving more credit to them than they deserve ?
  • bigal2008/07/13 23:16:32
    hmm cash back for this display is $99 this month... even better value now!!

    just saw this on WP
  • nod2008/07/14 00:47:34
    Excellent. I wonder why they increased the cashback? Thanks Bigal
  • nod2008/07/14 00:48:08
    So do we unexpire the deal?
  • bigal2008/07/14 11:20:25
    probably worth while for anyone looking for a cheap screen :)

    I was considering a 22" but at the price I couldnt resisit. 24" is pretty awsome, you get to view 2 full pages in Acrobat and Word. I'm not a gamer so all the other details didnt bother me that much.

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