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Acer 32" LCD from Harris Technology Under $825!

$949.00Get deal
Posted By: nod, posted 2007/03/06 04:04
Fantastic price on this 32" LCD.
You get 3.15% Buckscoop cashback = $27
$99 cashback from ACER
Total you pay = $949-99-27= $823
This LCD is selling for $1000 elsewhere.
You can have it delivered or pick it up depending on where you live.

**This is the new new edit of this deal a real Bargain for this LCD
  • admin2007/03/06 21:08:54
    is that $1050 after discounts or is the price $1050 - $149 - our cashback ?
  • nod2007/03/06 21:11:17
    The $1050 is after all the cashback. ie Buckscoops and Acer's
  • wheadle2007/03/06 22:26:26
    checked where you can pick it up and here is the list
    not many left

    Fortitude Valley Business Centre (QLD)2 units in stock1 unit on demonstration
    Alexandria Business Centre (NSW)3 units in stock1 unit on demonstration
    Fyshwick Business Centre (ACT)2 units in stock1 unit on demonstration
    Hawthorn Business Centre (VIC)2 units in stock1 unit on demonstration
    North Sydney Business Centre (NSW)2 units in stock
    Osborne Park Business Centre (WA)2 units in stock1 unit on demonstration
    Parramatta Business Centre (NSW)2 units in stock

    one just round the corner from me..........temptation :(
  • admin2007/03/07 09:55:01
    thats the one thing that bugs me about the harris clearance stuff, is the way that they have it only for pickup.
  • pow umop apisdn2007/03/07 11:02:07
    Looks good :)

    It has 8ms response time, 720p definition HD ready HDMI input, 1 analogue tuner, 1200:1 contrast ratio, wide 176 degree viewing angle, picture in picture and more. Nice choice of connections too:

    1 x HDMI ( 19 pin HDMI Type A )
    1 x VGA input ( 15 PIN HD D-Sub (HD-15) )
    2 x component video input ( RCA phono x 3 )
    3 x audio line-in ( RCA phono x 2 )
    2 x composite video/audio input ( RCA phono x 3 )
    1 x audio line-in ( mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm )
    2 x S-Video input ( 4 PIN mini-DIN )
    1 x composite video / component video input ( RCA phono x 3 )
  • scheps2007/03/07 14:08:57
    what sorta panel is it does anyone know?

    Also the cash back is available with any retailer is that correct? so could work out cheaper if you bought it for 1220 then get your cash backs?
  • admin2007/03/07 20:13:35
    scheps, not sure what you mean by panel (its a tft active matrix)

    The Acer terms and conditions limit the mail in rebate to units bought from Acer authorised partners. So as long as your buying it from one you'll be fine. I did just notice that there are two cashback listings there for the same model. The first one is for units bought at Retravision WA and only pays out $99. The latter is the one Harris are referring to.
    I'll just go find you the page for listing authorised partners.

    If your looking for something specific scheps just bang a post up in the find me a bargain forum and you'll get people looking around for you.
  • admin2007/03/07 20:16:33
    Authorised retailers are linked off the Acer homepage http://www.shopacer.com.au
    or otherwise email them to check if your unsure [EMAIL="cashback@acer.com.au"][B]cashback@acer.com.au[/EMAIL]

    so could work out cheaper if you bought it for 1220 then get your cash backs?

    you'd be about $20 more expensive unless it was someone listed here as giving online cashback. So 1220 - 149 gives you 1071. If you can find it listed for $1200 somewhere else you'd be talking. But then it'd have to be with an authorised partner. But if you do we want to know about it :)
  • nod2007/03/07 21:14:59
    Hi Schep
    yes, if you do find another retailer that is an authorised Acer dealer and they have a cheaper price then you could better the above price. You may miss out on the other cashback though. The problem I find is actually finding retailers that are legit Acer dealers - well until admin found it.
    If you find a better deal then post it up. That is what it is all about
  • scheps2007/03/08 22:47:52
    thanx guys for your explainations :)

    Oh, by panel i mean which company made the panel. Just wondering if its gooooooood :) i know the specs have been posted. Whats the dead pixel policy? anyone know?

    Thanx again :D
  • admin2007/03/08 23:27:07
    anytime scheps - our pleasure.

    I dont know specifics on the dead pixel policy but Harris is part of the Coles Myer group so I'd put a bit of trust in them on the returns side.

    The Harris policy states that you have 14 days in which to return the item from purchase. I'm almost 100% that this would start running from the time of receipt rather than purchase as you otherwise havent yet seen the product. If it gets to you and is dead on arrival damaged or incorrectly shipped they'll pay for pick up. If its defective you either have to drop it off to a business centre or pay for the return. If they agree its got problems the cost of returning it will be refunded.

    You've also got a 14 day return period - so if you get it and decide you really dont want it you can send this one back. Also comes with 3year manufacturer warranty.

    Being an Acer I imagine its a fairly good product. Wont be the top end of LCD's but then thats reflected in the price. You've probably read lots of this stuff already - but there's a pretty good explanation on LCD's here. I cant find a specific review on that model though. DVT forum would be able to give you a pretty quick answer, although they're all super TV geeks so some of them tend to slag off anything thats not either $1,000,000 or one of those exclusive brands.
  • admin2007/04/11 06:29:34
    I've just edited this deal as harris have dropped the price down to 949 for the unit - so its getting better.
  • nod2007/04/11 22:51:15
    I have just looked into this and the price is actually better than that admin

    HT price is $949
    but if you buy b4 30th April Acer give you $99 back
    plus you receive 2.25% cashback if you login and purchase thru Buckscoop
    cashback = $19.40

    So you pay in the end $949 - $19.40 - $99 = $830.60
  • jayne2007/04/11 22:52:44
    Nice maths Nod!! Saves quite a bit more :w00t:
  • schlemster2007/04/11 23:19:09
    if your maths is correct thats a really good price on the 32 acer
    nice one
  • nod2007/04/13 20:57:45
    Officeworks did have this out for $898 before $99 cashback from Acer - making it a better deal at $799 but it appears to be no longer available
    But if you are interested in this deal then I would give Officeworks a ring first
    And it appears that HT have increased their price again :( to $949
  • nod2007/04/19 20:51:58
    I am getting dizzy with this deal - one minute it is around then it isnt
    Well for now I it available again at HT
    I have edited the orig deal again!

    Here is where it is available:
    Pick up Centre Pickup
    Fortitude Valley Business Centre (QLD)
    1 unit in stock
    1 unit on demonstration

    Alexandria Business Centre (NSW)
    2 units in stock
    1 unit on demonstration

    Fyshwick Business Centre (ACT)
    2 units in stock
    1 unit on demonstration

    Osborne Park Business Centre (WA)
    1 unit on demonstration

    Parramatta Business Centre (NSW)
    2 units in stock

    North Ryde Business Centre (NSW)
    2 units in stock
    1 unit on demonstration

    Or you can have it delivered
  • wheadle2007/04/19 21:12:07
    :D Good to see you keep an eye on the stuff already up cheers Nod
  • nod2007/04/21 18:10:26
    I try :D
    This is such a good price for a mid range brand lcd that I thought I should make the effort
    Anyone bought one yet? I would love to know what they think

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