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9c prints + 20 free at Snapfish

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2008/01/18 18:48
Between now and end of Jan snapfish are running a promo for 9c prints with the first 20 prints free. Thats not bad I reckon.
Expiry date:2008/01/31
  • Brad2008/01/19 12:42:18
    Free postage for orders under 60 prints too!
    AND $6 for your trouble!!
  • leny2008/01/19 12:48:37
    Do you actually make money on this?
  • Brad2008/01/19 13:02:18
    Provided the cashback tracks, yes!
    It has tracked for many people on $0 purchases. :)
  • leny2008/01/19 14:25:48
    Couldn't some people get rich off this by doing a million $0 transactions? :eek:
  • admin2008/01/19 18:38:44
    :D - they could try.

    I know your question wasn't asked for this reason Leny so I'm not talking about you here. On our end we have to exercise a bit of judgement sometimes. If its clear someone is abusing a programme for any reason we'll decline the transactions and ask the merchant to do the same. The reason we'll do that is that abuse causes merchants to pull out of programmes and is generally bad for our reputation. It also means other members will suffer. So for the collective good - we'll step in.
  • leny2008/01/19 21:42:21
    Ok :) And that's fair enough. (Or very fair actually)

    I can't see the free postage for under 60 prints? When I look under pricing I see $2.95. Am I required to enter a code? :o
  • nod2008/01/19 21:48:06

    This is actually a better deal if you are looking to get some prints Leny
    With this deal it does state that you do not pay shipping for under 60 prints. AND you get 50 free prints instead of 20 and the extras are 9c :)
  • leny2008/01/19 21:50:19
    Thanks :thumbsup:
  • leny2008/01/19 21:56:31
    Clicking on the link in that thread also entitles me to cashback, correct?
  • leny2008/01/19 21:59:25
    Well it looks that way. I'm going to go ahead with it - it's free even without the cashback. :D
  • nod2008/01/19 22:16:06
    Well we have had the cashback track before :)
  • jezzamine2008/01/19 23:15:27
    I used the Woman's Day link today for the 50 prints and uploaded and ordered 50 photos. I was only credited with 20 photos and charged $2.95 for postage.

    I emailed them before finalizing my order and they manually credited the extra 30 prints and their answer to my question about the postage for under 60 prints was that I still have to pay the postage.

    Still, $2.95 for 50 prints plus the possiblity of $6 cashback is excellent value!
  • leny2008/01/19 23:38:35
    I had the same problem. I have emailed them and await their reply.
  • leny2008/01/20 19:12:39
    They credited 30 extra free prints to my account to make it 50 total, but said that I will have to pay postage. Now I said, hold on a minute, you yourselves have put free shipping for up to 60 prints, into your Terms and Conditions, so why should I not be entitled due to a problem/error on your end? They told me to "please place a prints order" and they will refund any money charged.

    Just a question to those who have received a package from Snapfish: Does it come from Australia, or a foreign country? Their customer service is very similar to VistaPrint who I think have their contact centre in Asia somewhere.
  • admin2008/01/20 21:04:32
    I'd not be surprised to find they either have the same parent co or utilise the same suppliers.
  • ScarletRubies2008/01/21 00:13:03
    Snapfish is owned by HP. All my Snapfish stuff (photos and books) have been sent from Australia. I'm not 100% sure about the ceramic tree ornaments I bought. I find their customer service fine; nothing special but perfectly adequate. Their customer service centre is in Australia.

    I have no idea why the deals don't seem to track through properly, but having set up a second account for my husband at one stage, I think it's an issue with existing members logging in. Snapfish doesn't work properly with Firefox either.

    But then, I like VistaPrint.
  • bigal2008/01/21 11:19:57
    I've called snapfish and their number that I called was in canberra. The photobook they sent me was creased in the post (no protection) and they said they'd reprint it. After getting my order number they found out that I received the book for free (had to pay shipping) so they asked me to return the creased book.
  • nod2008/01/21 19:39:45
    Well I think that is fair Bigal
    I guess some people may try to pull a swifty and try to get two books for nothing.

    I have an HP lappy and have found their customer service to be really good. They were always really helpful and I did not have any hassle at all when I needed a new battery.
    Sent it out straightaway.

    One thing that I have to mention and this may not be the case but for the guys that emailed HP there is a good chance that this will be noted on your transaction and hence you may not receive your cashback.
    But I guess the 1st question to ask would be is the transaction appearing as tracked already?
  • nod2008/01/28 21:36:57
    Just a heads up ... You only have a few more days to grab the 9c prints :)
  • nod2008/01/29 20:48:56
    Just received some important feedback from Snapfish

    [COLOR="Blue"][B][B]Snapfish does not offer sub sales as outlined in their Terms and Conditions. Although it is a Sale based campaign, it pays a flat fee for one sale per consumer.[/B][/B][/COLOR]

    So there will be a few declined transactions that come through from Snapfish I am afraid :(
  • st3rlite2008/01/31 21:40:13
    snapfish seems to have gone back to 19cents a photo despite it still being 31 jan! :( i was hoping to do a last minute order!!
  • Keeys2008/01/31 22:28:02
    what I find interesting is I placed 3 orders on the same day from 3 accounts so I could use myself as a referal and get free prints + $5 in credit (which I plan to use towards photo book) one order arrived within 4 days while the other 2 haven't been shipped a week after the first lot were recieved. Alot of the photos were the same I ordered photos from holidays to put in the kids photo albums so 3 of each of alot of photos so no idea why its taking so long :(

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