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9 movie titles $63.55 or 14 + free gift for $99.35 with discount voucher at Adultshop

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2013/03/07 22:55
Sniggger snigger........ this is more a tongue in cheek post given that the world appears to have moved on from DVD based porn but the mechanics of the volume of porn you get at the price makes me chuckle.

Adultshop have a march madness sale on DVD's. I started playing around with this as there's two other Adultshop promos around that made me wonder whether there was a good promo stack to be had.

The three offers are 1. Adultshop have a March Madness DVD sale on. 2. You can get an Adultshop discount voucher for $20 off a $80 spend (see the attached voucher page link). 3. Orders over $99 get a free gift.

I'd try for free shipping as well but thats only for orders $200 and over and to get to that level your going to want to watch a lot of porn.

So to get to the first threshold of being able to use the voucher code you need to add 1 of the $5.95 movies, the $7.95 movie and 7 of the $9.95 movies. That brings you to a total of $83.55. To get the $20 off $80 voucher you need to sign up to the Adultshop newsletter. Apply this and you can get about 16 hours of porn for $63.55. The alternative is to go the whole hog and get to the $99 level which unlocks a free gift (this is for all orders not just DVDs). To do this your going to need to add the two $5.95 titles, the one $7.95 title and 10 of the $9.95 titles. This gets your order value up to $119.35. Apply the discount code to bring it back to $99.35 and voila you get about 25 hours of porn, 14 titles, one free gift from a choice of 12 items for a bargain basement $99.35.
Expiry date:2013/03/31
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