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8Gb Ipod touch $239 at Kmart

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Posted By: Donkey, posted 2010/11/22 22:09
This is a decent price assuming the touch is a 4th gen model - the picture looks like it. Normally you'd pay around $260 or so for one. If your really keen you can go use the price matching at other retailers to get a bit more off the price.
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  • ninkasi2010/11/22 23:30:40
    Yep. Definitely current gen, complete with 'facetime' camera etc. Actually special has been running for a while - I forgot to list it as I was going to Hong Kong at the time - was thinking about getting one there but spotted the special and decided to go with local supply in case there was an issue! Anyhow, had planned to get one for my eldest daughter for her birthday coming up, so my wife went into DJ's (we had a DJ voucher to spend) and they price matched (and I bought a case for it in HK).... At the time Officeworks were matchng the price, but just checked and the website has it back to the old price so you might be able to get a little more off there!
  • iFancyThat2010/11/24 00:23:39
    You reckon this ipod touch will go cheaper by the end of xmas boxing day sales or new years sales?
  • kickling2010/11/24 11:04:04
    Officeworks will beat that with their Price Beat Policy too (5%) ... if they havent' already :-)
  • Donkey2010/11/24 18:38:54
    You reckon this ipod touch will go cheaper by the end of xmas boxing day sales or new years sales?

    Possible, but as its still a fairly recent release I'd say its not going to be heavily discounted - at least not until there's another generation gets released.
  • ninkasi2010/11/24 22:47:22
    I'd say this is probably as cheap as it will get until the next model comes out eventually, but that won't be for a while.... Apple are having their "Black Friday" sale on Friday, and you might get a few percentage points of some of their ticket prices there - but doubt it will get close to this. It's also possible you might get it for more but with a few extras thrown in - such as speaker dock - that might make it close if you believe the RRP on the extras..... but then again those deals tend to include some pretty ordinary freebies.....

    As an aside, I'm impressed with the new touch - very thin, screen is excellent, and features are also very good. As a parent I can lock down some things plus with the latest 4.2 update the "Find Me" feature is now free ie I can go to https://me.com/find and get a fairly decent idea as to where the thing is.... useful when it's not out of the realm of possibility that my daughter will leave it somewhere by accident.
  • Donkey2010/11/24 23:18:31
    I assume they've put iplay out on the touch as well ? Havent played with it yet but given that I have an airport it tweaks my interest.
  • ninkasi2010/11/25 09:36:41
    Haven't tried it myself as my express died a week or so after the warranty expired [great feature specs but unreliable], but yep airplay stuff should work with the touch once it's updated to 4.2 -> it also interests me in that it seems like a way of getting similar [possibly better in some areas] features to a Sonos..... really kills me that the new Apple TV doesn't have direct analog support so can't plug one of those into a normal stereo/powered speakers.... need something with optical or hdmi support.... might still check out the deals during the black friday sale tomorrow....
  • iFancyThat2010/11/25 19:24:25
    Hi, BigWs selling 8GB iPod Touch for $238!

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