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8.0MP Kodak EasyShare V803 Digital Camera @ DD for $199 with bucky cash

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Posted By: schlemster, posted 2007/11/01 11:34
8.0MP Kodak EasyShare V803 Digital Camera up for $199 at DD in the newsletter. Checking prices you can find it cheapr in Staticice but the site (Emarketplace) says pink $184, black $241, silver $255. So on average DD is better. They only have silver.
Loads of specs, check the site.
  • schlemster2007/11/02 03:35:34

  • schlemster2007/11/02 03:37:45
    Cnet review
    after rading this maybe I should cold my own deal :(
  • nod2007/11/02 09:31:01
    I have to say that this does not look good for your deal Schlemster, sorry :eek:

    We don't say this enough, but when it comes to gadgets, substance trumps style. Even if a gadget is pretty and stylish, it's worthless if it doesn't do what's intended. Sure, Kodak's EasyShare V803 might be pretty and stylish. Unfortunately it's also a very poor digital camera.
  • lilpretzel2007/11/08 01:45:13

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