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70 TDK 16xDVDs for only $4.95 @ Officeworks - in stores only

Posted By: geo78, posted 2008/03/18 07:40
Click on Tech Clearance Button, then click on Blank Media and then Blank CD & DVD Media.

TDK 16x Inkjet DVD+R Discs Pk/50+20 Product No. TDDVPIJ70B
Inkjet printable surface prodvides excellent printing results.
16x speed.
4.75GB capacity.
  • sab9882008/03/18 08:16:08
    in stores only :w00t:
  • admin2008/03/18 08:33:38
    Instore or online - thats still damn cheap. Obviously one of those inducements to get you to come into the store - and very likely a wild goose chase in that only a few stores will have them.
  • jinx2008/03/18 11:20:21
    Seems these were on around January with the back to school, no stores I've rung so far have them anymore
  • lilpretzel2008/03/18 15:29:59
    Same here jinx.

    I see the temp is nice and hot but has anybody actually been able to buy any?
  • MamaK2008/03/18 15:42:42
    I rang and they said they had them a week and a half ago but they sold out very quickly.

    typical of OW really
  • scrypton2008/03/19 10:33:23
    i believe they are now out of stock now...
  • geo782008/03/19 13:43:11
    could I please find why this deal is marked expired? i understand the dvds are rare to find, but aparently it is still available in Qld according to the website...
  • geo782008/03/19 13:46:09
  • lilpretzel2008/03/19 15:55:05
    I actually expired this deal as I believe it isn't a vaild deal going by replies from members, my own knowledge that these can't be found anywhere in QLD and not to forget other forums stating the same thing.

    As I stated yesterday the temp was high but no one actually voted after they found them.

    In saying that 105° is very good for a deal that I suppose is out of date.

    It's stupid Oficeworks for still advertising stock that was on sell in January for that price.

    Members are wasting more $$$ trying to source this offer when really nothing is on offer from Officeworks.

    I will however get admin to review my decision but since yesterday I've been wanting to expire it and when a member than states they believe the item is out of stock that's good enough for me.

  • geo782008/03/19 19:59:43
    thanks for that
  • leny2008/03/19 23:14:45
    They are available in SYD.

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