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60% off Dunlop Kids, Womens & Mens Shoes @ OzSale

Posted By: fairybelle, posted 2007/10/09 22:57
Great range starting from $10 i think the dearest is $32.00 which is pretty good fo a pair of runners.
Im not sure what the postage is like though. So if someone knows can you let me know... It just says on the site that its based on weight....
  • jayne2007/10/10 20:15:12
    These runners are $30, and the postage charge would be $8, for example:


    I tried it with a few others as well, and always seems to be $8.
  • nod2007/10/10 21:37:15
    What are the Dunlops like as runners these days?
    My memory of them are the white ones with the blue trim.. back in the old days at school :D
  • fairybelle2007/10/10 21:52:20
    Yeah i remember those dunlops nod. Not sure if you can get that kind anymore..
    The ones on this site are just like regular runners they also have a few casual ones as well..
  • ashley70702007/10/10 23:00:19
    Bought a dunlop the other, most comfy shoes ever(depending which ones you choose though). Bought it for $40 on sale and these guys are selling them for $28 including postage. Not bad.
  • lilpretzel2007/10/10 23:15:37
    This offer finishes tonight.

  • admin2007/10/12 09:36:24
    Was listening to Radio National this morning where they were talking about a British study that came out the other day. They tested mid range runners against the high end ones and found that there was little difference in the amount of protection they gave. They popped pressure sensors in the heel of the shoes and tested how much of the impact force they soaked up.

    It left me wondering whether there would be any difference in durability.

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