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50% OFF Peter Alexander PJ bottoms PLUS $20 off ;-) (1 pair delivered for $9)

Posted By: nod, posted 2008/11/04 16:06
This is a great offer from PA
At the moment they have 50% off selected pj bottoms for members (free and easy to join)
You can the use the code
to grab $20 off your order
I grabbed two pairs of pj bottoms delivered for $28.90

Sorry $20 off voucher no longer working BUT 50% off sale and 10% off code are still working
  • nod2008/11/04 16:07:28
    $20 off discount code

    You MUST be logged in to see the sale and use the code
  • melissanj2008/11/04 16:48:45
    i saw the specials just by clicking on specials....and i wasnt logged in
  • golfwidow2008/11/04 17:32:03
    Nice deal. I love jammies :)
  • geo782008/11/04 18:22:33
    is there a limit of one coupon per person for the $20 off? if not, you can get one pair of pants per order at $9-$11.50 delivered.
  • nod2008/11/04 18:23:05
    I dont' think you are restricted on the number of times you use it Geo78
    Great idea :)

    rep your way :)
  • kingyubbo2008/11/04 18:50:04
    Great sale. I too agree with my love for jammies!
  • melissanj2008/11/05 10:09:06
    :) i just picked up a pair of the palm tree pj pants for $9 delivered :D

    i was thinking of getting the banana pants....but i dont think the orange would suit me :p

    Thanks for posting the deal Nod!!
  • ndro7772008/11/05 10:27:21
    Great bargain! I gave my credit card quite a work out last night ordering 5 pants separately :)
  • fairybelle2008/11/05 11:32:57
    thats a great deal, just ordered two pairs of pants. thanks
  • Keeys2008/11/05 11:42:00
    grrr I have no spare cash would make great xmas gifts ...well done to those who pick up a bargin :)
  • melissanj2008/11/05 12:20:00
    grrr I have no spare cash would make great xmas gifts ...well done to those who pick up a bargin :)

    people use cash these days???
  • Letti2008/11/05 14:04:06
    Before reading these responses- I ordered 2 pairs separately too, using the $20 discount each time it only cost $9 (the delivery only) per pair.
    Got his / her matching Pj pants for chrissy- cute!
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  • admin2008/11/05 14:08:51
    very nice little find this one.
  • mouldgirl2008/11/05 21:30:13
    Some more discount codes
    could we use two?
  • lilpretzel2008/11/05 21:39:41
    Thanks, I grabbed a pair of Shirt Stripe Ankle Pant

  • lilpretzel2008/11/05 23:07:53
    Some more discount codes
    could we use two?

    Yes they do :whistling:
  • melissanj2008/11/06 10:33:17
    oooooh im so tempted to buy another pair if the pj shorts were on special id definately get a pair of those!
  • MamaK2008/11/06 11:42:56
    I think the code only works once... guess you could sign up a new account:whistling:
  • lilpretzel2008/11/06 12:17:25
    It worked twice for me MamaK..

  • MamaK2008/11/06 20:11:46
    weird it didn't work for me... will try again. Thanks LP :)
  • MamaK2008/11/06 21:19:11
    OK, signed up an account in partner's name and it still won't work.

    Is the discount meant to show when you click input or only at the end of checkout?
  • mrsjo2008/11/06 21:25:34
    i believe the $20 promo is now expired :(
  • lilpretzel2008/11/06 21:32:31
    Did you login before applying the codes?

    edit: Yes, seems they have now expired the code.

  • MamaK2008/11/06 21:38:31
    Yep did that, maybe they cottoned on to this forum ;)
  • queenshrew2008/11/06 21:53:18
    Yeah I couldn't get the $20 code to work, although I did get the 10% code to work :(
  • MamaK2008/11/06 22:01:27
    damm, I was hoping to get DP a pair of snazzy jammies
  • fairybelle2008/11/07 10:16:28
    yeah i couldnt get it to work again either, but i received the order of the two pairs of pants that i orderd the other day. Im pretty impressed.
  • nod2008/11/07 10:23:49
    still waiting for mine :( ...
  • admin2008/11/07 11:09:58
    do we expire this or is it still negotiable ?
  • nod2008/11/07 12:44:26
    think we need to expire - can't blame them really and good of them to ship the items for $9

    I got my pj's about 30 mins ago :D
    And I got a bright pink PA tote bag :)
  • melissanj2008/11/08 10:25:20
    nice :) VERY fast shipping, i was very impressed! (compared to another website *cough* cotd *cough*)

    I sooo should have bought the banana ones!! lol

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