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$5 Off Gift Coupons at OO.com.au - million-air.com.au

Posted By: holdenmg, posted 2007/11/21 04:19
Buying something from OO.com.au?
Enter a code when purchasing (one per order) for $5 off (No minimum spend before 31 December, 2007).

If the code does not work (another BuckScooper has gotten to it first) select the next code (and vote it hot)!

M4BE100F4002 - Not Used

M51D152DD006 - Not Used

MD0718B74110 - Not Used

MD2DDA677031 - Not Used

MF0726CC5012 - Not Used
Expiry date:2007/12/31
  • nod2007/11/21 21:35:07
    Hot vote from me :)
    I did not think there were anymore of these around
    Thanks for sharing Holdenmg :)
  • admin2007/11/21 21:51:16
    last minute burst of speed out of holdenmg :D

    You sure you dont want to sell me that donkey ... I like him.
  • scatman002007/11/23 16:52:43
    Dammit, looks like someone used all of these :(

    Cheers though :(
  • lilpretzel2007/11/23 20:39:00
    Cheers Holdenmg :)

    Would of been nice for the members who used the vouchers to post a thank you.

  • bigal2007/11/23 20:46:44
    its an open forum isnt it? so anyone can see the codes

    was gonna get something cheep to see how it went but was a bit slow in choosing what i wanted.

    thanks for the offer though
  • Brad2007/11/23 22:40:06
    Sorry to see that you missed out bigal.
    Welcome to Buckscoop!

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