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5 FREE MUGS when you purchase 2kg coffee at SEXIE COFFIE

Posted By: Gallifrey, posted 2008/09/02 23:33
I received their email today:

To celebrate our birthday we are offering 5 FREE Sexie Coffie Latte mugs with every 2kg of coffee purchased this month.

Go to link and scroll down to see the specials, there are more than this one!

* mugs are usually $9.90 each, saving you a HUGE $49.50 *
Expiry date:2008/09/30
  • leny2008/09/03 06:56:51
    Awesome. :thumbsup:
  • admin2008/09/03 07:48:43
    Hot from me gallifrey - even though the coffee is expensive. Was just chuckling as I worked my way through the prices. At my current rate of consumption I'd need at least 3kg a month, which tops out at $871 per year. I knew the coffee addiction was expensive but never quite that level.
  • Gallifrey2008/09/03 22:27:05
    LOL Admin, coffee addiction is expensive...

    I worked out recently that my 10 cups a day, at half strength, was still tooo much caffine, and way expensive, oh well, I don't get up to any other mishief... but maybe I should get out more PMSL :w00t:
  • nod2008/09/03 23:14:25
    10 a day!!!!!!!!!

    I limit myself to 3 :D

    Just ordered my 2kg but no mention of the cups :( .... lets hope they arrive


    Anyone got theirs yet?

    Thanks for the post
  • Keeys2008/09/03 23:40:39
    Isn't 5 cups a bit of a strange number?? Wouldn't 4 or 6 make more sense?

    Great deal though :)
  • admin2008/09/04 06:52:53
    probably more an odd number I'd say :)
  • wheadle2008/09/04 07:12:57
    yep 5 is an odd number ;)
  • queenshrew2008/09/04 09:19:59
    I must be the only person in the world who doesn't drink coffee :p
    My mum has a severe addiction, and at age 6 I asked her for her coffee.
    So she made me a cuppa.. with 4 TABLEspoonfuls of coffee and NOTHING else!:rolleyes:

    I got put off coffee for life!
    Evil mother!
  • Keeys2008/09/04 09:31:23
    probably more an odd number I'd say :)

    You know I put odd then thought DRRRR of course its an ODD number so changed the wording haha :w00t:
  • xcaliba2008/09/04 19:33:31
    Isn't 5 cups a bit of a strange number?? Wouldn't 4 or 6 make more sense?

    5 because they are 5 years old?
  • Beets2008/09/04 19:59:35
    Im running low of coffee cups, and dont mind a cuppa or 5, thanks for this!
  • nod2008/09/11 20:32:39
    Anyone received their order yet?
    My CC was charged on the 4th but no coffee mugs or email!
  • nod2008/09/11 20:42:35
    ok sent an email. Shall wait to hear back.

    I will take this opportunity to get on my soap box though about merchants not contacting customers. It is a HUGE hole in the customer service side of a number of online businesses. They spend a lot of time and money to get the customers in the door trying to get you to part with your $$ but then some seem to forget you after the purchase has been completed (well for them anyway). We sit still waiting to hear what is happening.

    Off my soap box ....
    I will keep you all posted and it would be great to hear from others that have ordered from this mob
  • Gallifrey2008/09/12 01:01:30
    Nod, I hope that they get back to you very soon and your order and the free mugs arrive quickly.
    They do have great coffee and I certainly hope that their slow service/response isn't their usual behaviour!
    I have only bought from them on site so have not dealt with them online.
    Interested to hear how everyone's orders go.
  • nod2008/09/12 18:54:29
    The low down is that Australia post lost my parcel :D

    The guy at Sexie Coffie has be great and his responses have been very prompt. He provided a tracking number but that did not work .. well cos there is a postie somewhere enjoying my coffee

    I ask all Buckscoopers to keep an eye out and please take note of any postie with a new coffee mug or mugs looking decidedly chipper and buzzed

  • Gallifrey2008/09/12 20:40:56
    lol Nod, have seen posties talking on their mobiles but will keep my eye out for any drinking coffee on the job!!
  • nod2008/09/15 19:08:25
    To complete the tale...

    The coffee and mugs arrived this morning.
    But me thinks that Aust post are giving Sexie Coffee a hard time. They told them the package had been returned to sender and the poor things sent out more coffee this morning. :(

    Sexie Coffee have been great with their customer service. Very helpful ... me thinks Australia post and the postie need the black mark :D
  • Gallifrey2008/09/15 20:18:42
    Great to hear Nod. :-)

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