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4gb iRiver MP3 player $99 at Minidisc PLUS 1.5% cashback

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Posted By: nod, posted 2007/05/28 02:56
I think the iRivers are quite a funky looking mp3 player. Very different to the usual anyway. Not sure how they would fit in your pocket though.
Minidics have the 1gb, 2gb and 4gb out at pretty good prices. The 4gb is the best value - selling for $199 elsewhere

admin edit -- 15/07/2008 price is $99
  • nod2007/05/28 17:57:11
  • nod2007/05/28 18:17:08
    Trying to find a reveiw for you but it seems that the T60 model has only recently been released in Japan

    Here is some info from Mobilewhack.com:
    "Check out the iRiver T60 Mp3 player soon to be released in Japan. The T60 recieves triangular "prism" design which will be available available in colors black, light blue, and white. It sports a 1" display screen, and as for playback a tiny joystick allows simple control of music playback to jump through tracks and adjust volume.

    The T60 provides high output sound of 18mW and features SRS WOW 3D sound technology to give users great sound quality users can really enjoy. File formats supported include MP3, OGG, WMA, and ASF. Available in 2GB and 4GB models, there is plenty of storage for all your songs. The 2GB can roughly hold 480 songs, while the 4GB can hold around 960 songs. The music player also features a world band FM tuner and voice recording functions. Starting May 25th, iRiver will begin sales for their T60 mp3 player in Japan."
  • nod2007/05/28 18:17:31

    And another piccie
  • jayne2007/05/28 19:28:20
    I have a few friends who swear by iRiver, and absolutely love thier products.
  • nod2007/05/28 19:44:59
    ah cool
    thanks Jayne. I have never seen one in the flesh , but I like the different design
  • wheadle2007/05/28 23:13:14
    corrugated iron mp3, very australian ;)
  • jayne2007/05/29 09:13:54
    corrugated iron mp3, very australian ;)

    LOL nice one wheadle!
  • nod2007/05/29 16:26:49
    LOL sounds like the perfect mp3 for me Wheadle - I am a bit clumsy and tend to drop things a lot. I do not think even I could break a corrugated iron mp3 player
  • admin2008/07/15 08:02:00
    for what its worth minidisc are now flogging these out at $99. Hard to price it as they're one of the few places still selling these units that I can find.

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