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$48 Buckscoop Cashback with Virgin Mobile POST PAID

Posted By: nod, posted 2012/08/21 06:58
And now you add Virgin Mobile to the nice little Buckscoop cashback party.
  • viviano2013/02/14 18:37:40
    How does this work?
  • Donkey2013/02/14 20:50:41
    This was one of the old posts from before we split up buckscoop and qwibble. Just checked on qwibble and virgin dont seem to be running any more.

    The way it would work is that when you click through from virgin on qwibble (so the transaction can be tracked) and sign up on one of their postpaid plans they would have paid $48 to qwibble which in turn would have passed that back to you (via Bpay or paypal) as cashback.

    While this virgin offer isnt running on qwibble any more there's others over there you can take advantage - vodafone $80 for a contract, 10% cash back on your sim purchase etc.
  • viviano2013/02/16 08:53:16
    Thanks for clearing that up Donkey

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