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36 bottles of wine - Cab merlot, Shiraz or Chardonnay Semillion $119.88=$3.33/bottle

Posted By: nod, posted 2007/09/20 00:56
From what I can understand in the email, a shipment to Russia has fallen through (hence the Russian) labels and a load of Koala's Rest wine has landed in the hands of Jack's Wine. And they need to get rid of it.
So for the next five days you can get 36 bottles for $119.88

What you need to do is select the offer " Buy one case get one free" and use the corresponding code to get the next case free - these may be unique codes - so it may be a case of first in best dressed.

Cabernet Merlot code : 25-M-9HKda
Chardonnay Semillion code: 26-M-RT5p8
Shiraz code: 27-M-zDQKM

To find the offer you want, click on "go to deal" and use the search facility upper left

- wheadle
  • nod2007/09/20 15:56:54
  • jayne2007/09/20 19:06:24
    Arg you beat me to it! I was gonna post this - quite a good offer I think!!!
  • nod2007/09/20 20:55:45
    I have no idea what the wine is like which detracts from the deal a bit. It may taste like vinegar. But if it is halfway drinkable it is a pretty awesome offer
  • jayne2007/09/20 21:27:06
    Well, I always buy in bulk anyway... as you can take the wine round to parties etc... means you don't have to drink it yourself, but people think you're kind enough to bring them a bottle or two of wine!!!
  • nod2007/09/20 23:46:07
    So if it is rubbish then you can always give it away :w00t:
  • admin2007/09/20 23:48:35
    thats seriously cheap... If it was vinegar you could always cook with it :) ... for the next ten years.
  • nod2007/10/18 17:03:49
    This offer is available again.

    Apparently the offer is only available for the next 5 days
  • fairybelle2007/10/18 18:47:49
    WOW this is sooo cheap. Did anyone buy this before? what is it like?
  • nelly2007/10/18 18:50:31
    I seem to be following you around the board today Fairybelle :D
    Did anyone buy this before? what is it like?

    I am keen to know that too
  • admin2007/10/18 18:51:02
    I havent fairybelle but am sorely tempted. Its a bit of a gamble that its drinkable but then I guess the probability is that it will be. :D If its not then you can just wheel it out at that christmas party your all having and no one will notice.
  • fairybelle2007/10/18 18:53:13
    if its tastes bad i think it would be embarassing to get out.....
    Then again, maybe if you get it out after quite a few then no one will notice
  • nod2007/10/18 19:32:21
    get people loaded then offer them the vinegar
  • jayne2007/10/18 19:53:42
    Then again, maybe if you get it out after quite a few then no one will notice

    Surprisingly - that works. Or you could mix it with some OJ and a little bit of Vodka, throw a bit of chopped apple in it and call it punch. Never fails.
  • wheadle2007/10/18 22:44:31
    Vinegar punch hey? :eek:
    What sort of hangover would you end up with? :D
  • wheadle2007/10/18 22:51:42
    Nod this isn't actually the same offer:
  • chriswesty2007/11/02 09:56:59
    Hi guys,

    got this deal last time around, the wines i got were quite drinkable, especially the cab merlot. the chardy/semillion is good provided its served quite cold. either way the novelty value of russian writting on the bottles is well worth while.

    i'd probably be willing to pay $10-15 in a bottle shop for either of the two, given another chance i'd have a go at the shiraz

    however, probably a bit late for this to help,
  • admin2007/11/02 10:13:28
    Thanks chriswesty - the feedback is much appreciated - even if late :)

    And welcome to buckscoop.
  • nod2007/11/02 10:15:35
    [B][B][COLOR="Navy"]WELCOME to Buckscoop[/COLOR][/B][/B] [COLOR="Red"][B]ChrisWesty[/B][/COLOR]

    Great to know that this wine is drinkable. And at the price you can't really complain.
    Great to see you posting :)
  • jayne2007/11/02 10:16:28
    Welcome from me too chriswesty :) It's great to read feedback like yours! :thumbsup:


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