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20% off Discount Days @ Boomerang Books, PLUS $5.00 off coupon!!

Posted By: Brad, posted 2008/04/07 21:11
Buy discount books on our Discount Days! On our monthly Discount Days we take 20% OFF the retail price! Our upcoming Discount Days are:

Mother's Day Weekend - 9-11 May 2008

Friday 6 - Sunday 8 June 2008

Thursday 3rd July to midnight Friday 4th July

**Please note that the discount is automatically applied and not all titles can be discounted.

PLUS, enter the coupon code 'infiniterewards', and you'll get a further $5.00 off your order! No Minimum Spend.
  • nod2008/04/07 21:33:09
    and of course you are one step ahead of me :)
    Just mentioned this in your post for the code :D
  • Keeys2008/04/07 22:13:22
    haha well done Brad

    we will have to remember these dates, nice to have advance notice :)
  • Brad2008/04/08 17:49:22
    The ANZAC weekend shouldn't be too hard-a-date to remember. :)
  • nod2008/04/08 17:51:09
    Well we will remember it is Anzac day but someone will need to remember to bump this thread :whistling:
  • nod2008/04/21 19:32:30

    few days to go until this offer comes around :)
  • Brad2008/04/24 17:04:41
    This offer is active as of now! :w00t:
  • Brad2008/05/04 18:03:59
    The next 20% off sale starts this Friday. :)
  • admin2008/05/05 17:32:04
    the coming Friday - I was getting confused from your comments Brad :)
  • craftykiwi2008/05/05 19:11:38
    I think post has been edited admin. The active now referred to the Anzac weekend discount and this coming Friday refers to the Mother's Day weekend.
  • Brad2008/05/05 20:19:52
    This offer is active as of now! :w00t:

    :D - i posted that last time the offer was on.
  • Brad2008/06/15 19:06:58
    The next Boomerang Books discount day is on Friday 4 July 2008. :)
  • nod2008/07/03 18:34:08
    And today we have another 20% off at Boomerang Books
    Ends midnight tomorrow Friday 4th July
  • Brad2008/11/03 18:46:47
  • naffi2008/11/14 11:08:23
    [COLOR="Indigo"]20% off today, I think it is the last one before Christmas.[/COLOR]

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