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$20.00 In Products for FREE @ dStore PLUS 7.2% cashback (exl. IT.)

Posted By: Brad, posted 2008/01/25 05:56
Just posting up this tip - As I have noticed that if you go to the Tiger Airways
$10.00 voucher landing page, then either login or make a new dStore
account. Your $10.00 credit will then be added to your account.

Now you can choose to use one of the following IN CONJUNCTION with the $10 discount above.

$20.00 off $100.
$15.00 off $80.
$10.00 off - no minimum spend
So choose your discount depending on how much you plan to spend.

So - say you weren't planning to spend anything at dStore.
Well, claim both of the Airlines $10.00 vouchers - you now have $20.00 credit with no minimum spend!!
Now just find an item priced at $14.05 or less (taking into account $5.95 flat rate for most things)

There is a heap of DVD's for around $9.95 plus delivery.
Expiry date:2008/02/28
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  • lilpretzel2008/01/25 23:03:22
  • SAINTS2008/01/25 23:03:31
    keeps telling me:

    Our records indicate that you (or someone using your PC) has already claimed this promotional offer.

    This offer is only available once per household.

    As I have and now want to order for my mum who doesn't have a computer at her place.
    Will have to use another computer I suppose..... I have cleared cookies but it still didnt work.

    Any better ideas anyone?
  • scatman002008/01/25 23:06:22
    I'm guessing they only allow it to be used once per account, and to prevent people using multiple accounts by IP addy also.

    So if you have a dynamic IP ( which you probably won't) you can just reset your connection and it should work. Otherwise you'd have to use a different connection to claim it.

    Edit: maybe not, trying brad's suggestion as we speak :)
  • sab9882008/01/25 23:07:22
    thats wat i did .. cleared cookies, made an account in my brothers name ... now im getting 2 DVD's for free

    For different IP's, you can use proxy's like TOR .. then DL tor button for firefox .. then u can have a different IP ... woohoooooo
  • SAINTS2008/01/25 23:08:01
    nah, deleted cookies and it still does it :-(
  • sab9882008/01/25 23:13:01
  • scatman002008/01/25 23:13:44
    Edit: I had to clear my cookies so my partner (who doesnt live at the same address) could make her purchase :)
  • nod2008/01/25 23:17:47
    Now no-one wants to see the Dstore merchant disappear do they???
  • Brad2008/01/25 23:23:42
    It does state one per household.
    If you think this is a good deal, then feel free to tell everyone you know, provided they are from different households, but please don't abuse it.
  • sab9882008/01/25 23:24:33
    lol nod :rolleyes:
    are we abusing the system
  • scatman002008/01/25 23:25:54
    lol nod :rolleyes:
    are we abusing the system

    I prefer to call it buck scooping :p
  • golfwidow2008/01/25 23:41:51
    Thanks for that. Got two DVD's to own cheaper than it would have been to rent them :)
  • sab9882008/01/25 23:45:03
    Thanks for that. Got two DVD's to own cheaper than it would have been to rent them :)

    did u use 2 accounts :whistling:
  • ntsha222008/01/26 00:32:29
    thanks for this offer..got myself Coming to America 2 disc DVD + White Chicks on DVD all I had to pay was $10.85...can't wait till they arrive now...
  • golfwidow2008/01/26 09:53:45
    did u use 2 accounts :whistling:

    Nope i got to DVD's for $9.95 so in the end it just cost be $5.85. A weekly movie here costs $3.50/week so saved myself a couple of bucks :)
  • Wally2008/01/26 13:19:38
    Does the reduction of cashback to 1.35% on Computer & I.T ... include iPods and MP3 players?
  • lilpretzel2008/01/26 13:33:11
    I personally would say no Wally as there in the Electronics section not Computers & IT.

    Hopefully somebody else might be able to clarify it as well.

  • bigal2008/01/26 15:09:13
    picked up a $2 usb hub... posted :D
  • nod2008/01/26 22:15:53
    Does the reduction of cashback to 1.35% on Computer & I.T ... include iPods and MP3 players?

    The best rule of thumb for this if the item is excluded from the flat rate delivery fee (ie courier) then it is very likely to have the lower cashback rate
    This seems to hold the majority of cases

    And a little note about the cashback
    Please be aware that there is a chance that dStore will retrospectively deny your transactions due to the 2 vouchers - we will have to wait and see with this one.

    But hey can't complain when you can use this sort of deal :D
  • mobmoore2008/01/27 10:10:15
    Thanks great deal, brought my son a solar system book, only paided $4- thanks
  • mikepspencer2008/01/28 15:05:36
    Are you saying we can use both $10 vouchers on the one order for a total of $20 credit?
    Which voucher do you have to apply first?
  • lilpretzel2008/01/28 15:16:39

    When you checkout select to use dstore credit, then select the Tiger voucher and JetStar, wahooo $20 credit.

    Tiger - http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/showthread.php?p=35786

    Jetstar - http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/showthread.php?p=35672

  • lilpretzel2008/01/28 19:47:31
    [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkRed]Just a heads up that orders have or will be canceled going by a post made by a dStore representative today.[/COLOR][/FONT]

    Offer cannot be combined with other promotions or offers.

    Only one (1) credit may be used per order.

    and also:

    Limit of one voucher per household.

    This being the case - any orders that have used multiple vouchers (or ordered more than once for the same household) will be canceled.
    [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkRed]

    As I stated in the other thread - [/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkRed]If thats dStore decision we must respect it, I'm sure our members will understand but it would be nice if orders already placed were honored.

    We must thank dStore & the other companies for giving us some great vouchers to use.
  • nod2008/01/28 21:20:26
    Will be interesting to see what Dstore decide to do.
    Great publicity for them if they do decide to honour transactions.
  • port2008/01/28 22:33:00
    Looks like anybody hoping to combine is out of luck.
  • skcmok2008/01/29 00:56:52
    Well they've said they're going to go ahead and cancel orders.

    I think that's really poor form (not to mention likely against the law) on dStore's part to cancel orders AFTER they've went and accepted payment for them, considering they could've built the system so that they orders couldn't be used concurrently.

    Knowing the Whirlpool community, they will end up with a lot of bad will out of this rather than good will! :rolleyes:
  • admin2008/01/29 01:49:25
    People tend to get pretty rabid over there on WP. Its much nicer here where there's a bit of respect and fair play.
  • Bargrin2008/01/29 02:16:55
    i think dstore has a point if people created many multiple accounts and ordered heaps of stuff that cost them $0, that is just pushing it.
  • totalfrog2008/01/29 07:50:27
    I think they should honour the orders of all the people that combined the vouchers once. If people opened multiple accounts and bought stuff that way, then cancel the orders.

    They could recieve quite a lot of bad press if they refuse to accept everybody's order, especially from WP - they get kinda crazy in there when it comes to company bashing - and they are not afraid to share their opinions in other forums all over the interwebz.

    They should just send all the stuff out and maybe they will learn to be more careful next time they set something like this up.
  • MamaK2008/01/29 13:07:47
    I used both vouchers on a $40 DVD and its marked as dispatched now.

    People on whirlpool were deliberately going out of their way to scam it as much as possible. Dstore probably should have picked up on it sooner and really should write it off as experience instead of cancelling orders. Guess thats up to them and their solicters though
  • bigal2008/01/29 13:31:44
    so... whats this flying monkey? I tried to search for it onthe dstore site but couldnt find it.
  • lilpretzel2008/01/29 14:12:55
    Maybe it sold out but you can still get the Flying Pig, look under gadgets.

  • hellwolf2008/01/29 17:27:17
    The Tiger voucher still doesn't say it can't be used with any other offer when I look at it in my account.
  • lilpretzel2008/01/29 18:22:52
    [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=Indigo]My order has been dispatched, thank you very much dStore.

    Special thanks goes to leny for the JetStar voucher, Brad for pointing out to me my Tiger voucher wasn't posted :o + we could combine them.

    [/COLOR][/FONT] [CENTER][FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=Indigo]One more thing.[/COLOR][/FONT]

  • golfwidow2008/01/29 19:17:19
    Mine says dispatched as well :)
  • jinx2008/01/29 19:53:13
    Dispatched here also, woohoo! Thanks for sharing guys :)
  • jezzamine2008/01/29 20:05:53
    Wasn't sure if they'd cancel it or not but I received my order today :D
  • scatman002008/01/29 20:09:09
    Wasn't sure if they'd cancel it or not but I received my order today :D

    How did you manage that? I didn't think they even started processing those orders til today :confused:
  • nod2008/01/29 20:38:28
    That is great to hear. Thanks Dstore :flowers:
  • jezzamine2008/01/29 21:07:28
    How did you manage that? I didn't think they even started processing those orders til today :confused:

    I ordered about noon on Friday 25/1 and received dispatch email about 4.00pm the same day

    ... and I highly recommend the flying monkey, so much that I'd even pay for one! :D
  • Brad2008/01/29 21:28:37
    Mine has also been dispatched :w00t:
  • admin2008/01/29 22:08:40
    :D - you lot are laughing.
  • ozpete2008/01/30 07:38:40
    They have now added the condition to the tiger voucher so you can only use one....
  • Keeys2008/01/30 07:51:30
    I got in and used mine yesterday to try to beat them before they changed it, fingers crossed my orders go through ;)
  • ravenclan2008/01/30 12:32:54
    Yep, flying monkey is hilarious, bought one for my husband for Xmas.....highly recommended!!!!
  • hellwolf2008/01/30 12:35:06
    I got in and used mine yesterday to try to beat them before they changed it, fingers crossed my orders go through ;)

    Same here. I used both my vouchers together last night. Ended up saving $20 and paying $18.50 for two CDs. I got the email to say my order had been dispatched a couple of hours ago.
  • Klieu2008/01/30 13:12:00
    Unfortunately,Dstore.com.au no longer allows customers to use both of the $10 vouchers at the same time! I've tried to buy a DVD at $9.95 but could only use 1 at a time ie; $10 discount was applied! Not sure if I should mark this as expired???
  • lilpretzel2008/01/30 14:09:54
    Now expired, thanks everybody.

  • bigal2008/01/30 14:56:53
    a friend of mine had both vouchers active earlier today but when he went back in to checkout just now he's found that the jetstar voucher's disappeared and the tiger voucher's become one of those radio dial ones where you can only select one.
  • Gallifrey2008/01/30 19:13:39
    received my order today... the 2 vouchers worked.. order was placed over the weekend, thanks dstore! :flowers:
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