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2 X Olin OVR-101 1GB Voice Recorders shipped for $15 at JungleJumble

Posted By: Shazoo, posted 2013/08/05 15:15
JungleJumble have a low price on these 2 X Olin OVR-101 1GB Voice Recorders (FM radio/MP3 player/voice activated) for $15 with free shipping. The price has apparently been reduced down from $258 and the retailer claims this is the cheapest they’ve ever sold it for.

Units come with headphones, lapil mic, ear mic, and dragon naturally speaking v2008 (used to convert recording to text). The voice recorders also come with a 12 month warranty.
Expiry date:2013/08/16
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  • Captainjack2013/08/05 20:31:34
    Cheap price for a voice recording device like this. And if you're thinking why wouldn't I just use my phone or tablet to record, it offers several benefits including:
    - Can use an external (wired) mic when recording
    - You won't have your recording interrupted by incoming calls, notification from apps, etc.
    - Also records via line input
    - Generally smaller & lighter than a phone/tablet
  • Donkey2013/08/06 01:44:04
    That was my first question......

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