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$2 Ipod cases at Rushfaster.com.au 95%Savings!

Posted By: triangel, posted 2007/08/31 21:36
Icewear 2nd Gen Nano Clear
Was $19.95
$2.00 View
Microfolio Chic White Leather iPod Case
Was $49.95
$2.00 View
Tuffwrap60Gb White Translucent iPod Case
Was $29.95
$2.00 View
  • nod2007/09/01 16:40:53
    Thanks Triangel.
    What are the shipping costs like?
    That may be a bit of a killer for this deal :(
  • admin2007/09/01 17:46:19
    holy dooley - thats almost the $1 bag sale that we have been talking about on here. But fantastic discount there triangel - thanks, I've given you a hot vote.
  • elegantegotist2007/09/01 18:28:17
    The shipping is $6.50 to NSW
  • admin2007/09/01 18:38:57
    looks like thats $6.50 flate rate from what I can make out elegantegotist.
  • jayne2007/09/02 20:00:27
    Looks like quite a few people are voting hot... me too !! :D
  • fairybelle2007/09/02 20:51:39
    Hey does anyone know what the size difference is between the Ipod Nano and the Ipod Nano second generation? I didnt know there was a second generation.

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