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1Gb USB Flash Drive $2 + $2 delivery!

Posted By: 2388, posted 2008/04/14 19:17
On the 14th, 17th, 21st and 28th of this month, you can get up to 5 * 1Gb flash drive for $4 each delivered.

Note todays allocation currently sold out.....
  • scatman002008/04/14 19:22:55
    or is it ;P

    yep, it really is, now [/COLOR]
  • nod2008/04/14 19:34:50
    so it is sold out or not?? :D

    Great price btw. Thanks Scatman00
  • nod2008/04/14 19:35:29
    ah ok
    ... I just thought my screen was dirty :whistling:
  • admin2008/04/14 19:39:09
    Hot from me Scatty - thats a good bargain.
  • jezzamine2008/04/14 20:28:47
    Thanks scatman00, what a bargain!
    I just bought 20 of them for work :D

    edit: I just saw that it says "limit 5 per customer" however they did accept my order & CC payment for the 20 and I've received a confirmation email.
  • golfwidow2008/04/14 20:37:46
    Great deal. Missed todays but will be ready and waiting for next one :)
  • wheadle2008/04/14 21:01:40
    Nice one ;)
  • lisss2008/04/14 21:23:12
    Thanks so much, I ordered one :D
  • admin2008/04/14 21:41:05
    Great deal. Missed todays but will be ready and waiting for next one :)

    Golfy - scatty's put a little link in white in the second post.... that gets you around the missed out problem :)
  • MamaK2008/04/14 21:58:10
    Thank you! such a bargain :D
  • MamaK2008/04/15 00:13:37
    showing as out of stock now with that link
  • scatman002008/04/15 15:40:49
    My order showing as Shipped now :)
  • scatman002008/04/16 20:02:07
    Anyone wishing to get the 1m HDMI cable for $7 on the 18th or 22nd, can get it here....... now :D

    Or the OLIN HVBT-2000 Black HD Digital Set Top Box for $99 on the 19th, can get it here..... now :p

    prefer it in silver..... save yourself an extra 10 bucks.....

    !!!NOTE!!! Shipping is normally $15 but for some reason it comes up as free as long as the HDMI cable is part of the order. (would have been fantastic to find this out before those usb drives sold out)

    Probably deserves a post of it own but probably won't last long.........
  • nod2008/04/16 20:27:51
    I agree :)
    Feel like posting it?
  • scatman002008/04/16 20:30:25
    Nope :p But feel welcome to do so on my behalf.

    Yes i can be a lazy SOB
  • nod2008/04/16 20:31:36

    I would never ever say that about a fellow Buckscooper but ... :whistling:
  • ozpete2008/04/16 20:53:22
    Scatman - how come?? been to site and it seems to work although it says the silver is out of stock but accepts the order. Haven't processed it yet hope you reply soon. Cheers
  • mauricemm2008/04/17 05:11:04
    every time I try to order they are sold out
  • scatman002008/04/17 05:29:53
    pete - not 100% sure what you are asking :eek:

    maurice - if you are trying to buy a usb flash drive, then yes the are currently out of stock
  • ozpete2008/04/17 07:58:03

    The silver set top box said out of stock on the description page, but when I put it into my cart, it accepted it. I wasnt sure if Stu's system would accept orders without stock. So I was reluctant check out my cart.

    Was up at 12:30 am decided to see USB drives were available. Added these to my cart, 5 but came back saying these were out of stock (***) so that answered my question. BTW I reduced order to 3 of the drives and this was enough stock for this quantity. So I then went to the check out and placed order for STB Cable and 3 drives.

    Thanks for the tip. Now to see if it will be delivered
  • nod2008/04/17 08:02:20
    Welcome to Buckscoop Mauricemm

    Shame the USB have sold out but it is the 17th which means they should be available again??
  • sandgroper2008/04/17 08:08:43
    Nope! I just checked earlier and its still showing as USB drive out of stock :(
  • nod2008/04/17 08:11:51
    :( ... might update later??

    she asks hopefully :D
  • golfwidow2008/04/17 09:15:28
    They are available now but i give up.

    First i can't use me email as its a 'free' email and i can't send to my PO Box when i don't get deliveries to my house!

    Thinks i might stick with shops i know :)
  • bigal2008/04/17 10:22:34
    not available, complains about the quantity I tried to order (2) so when I changed it to 1 it still complained about it. :(
  • ozpete2008/04/17 14:18:46
    Crazy Stu says the silver STB's are not available.. settled for the memory sticks
  • choppy2008/04/17 15:23:32
    Just called Crazystus to also see why the item is showing out of stock.

    They said that the special starts at 12am on the said calender day
    of the special.

    He suggested that the units on special sold out within a couple of

    So all you buckscoopers need to be ready for the next one pretty late of the
    evening to get this one.
  • bigal2008/04/17 17:05:25
    thats kinda silly, probably do their site more harm than good
  • scatman002008/04/18 19:17:38
    received my flash drives purchased using my link today. And my hdmi cable is showing as shipped :)
  • leny2008/04/18 22:19:14
    Can you trust a $2 flash drive? I'm not sure i'd put any unique files on there. :D
  • leny2008/04/18 22:54:28
    Well I've never even heard of OLIN so no. Not even if it was a $50 1gb drive.. :D
  • scatman002008/04/21 12:52:05
  • diider2008/04/21 13:04:15
    Just got 5 this morning. waiting for it to arrive. hope it's not gonna take too long. I wouldn't mind picking up another 10 or so as presents for the little cousins but since they said maximum 5 per person I didnt try my luck. did anyone who order more than 5 got their order or an email saying that they will not honor the deal?

    Thanks :)
  • maf1012008/04/21 13:09:32
    few left if anyone missed out

    Thanks. I just bought 2.
  • jinx2008/04/21 13:34:11
    seem to be all gone again I missed out, too slow lol
  • diider2008/04/21 13:45:51
    Im still seeing that it's available. Perhaps try refreshing?
  • diider2008/04/21 13:46:27
    Ah yes, my bad, it's all gone now!
  • MamaK2008/04/21 15:11:11
    I got sent 6 this morning yet I only ordered 3 ( I think, off to check bank statement)

    and they got sent to my PO box (which I had down as my billing) not home address?

  • admin2008/04/21 17:19:01
    (I think, off the check bank statement)

    Would be a good idea I reckon mamak.
  • maf1012008/04/22 09:15:49
    I got an email from them:

    "Hi Michelle this offer has ended. The best we can do is $14. Let me know if you wish to proceed. If not I will refund"

    I ordered 2 so that makes them $7 each. It was a good offer until it ended.
  • MamaK2008/04/22 09:58:20
    do you mean you have paid and now they want to charge you more? that doesn't seem ethical

    I checked, I only paid for 3. Have done the right thing and contacted them.http://www.cheesebuerger.de/images/midi/engel/a025.gif
  • diider2008/04/22 11:19:07
    I got the same email as maf101. im demanding an explanation!
  • maf1012008/04/22 13:52:48
    do you mean you have paid and now they want to charge you more? that doesn't seem ethicalhttp://www.cheesebuerger.de/images/midi/engel/a025.gif

    I paid yesterday with Paypal. They emailed me the receipts and confirmation order.

    Today they up the price and ask for the difference. I requested a refund. It's not a listing error. I refuse to pay extra because they decide they want more money.

    Your very honest notifying them of their mistake.
  • lilpretzel2008/04/22 16:21:53
    Personally I'm not a bit fan of that site.

    Mamak let us know what happens you little http://img516.imageshack.us/img516/3874/a025uq8.gif
  • MamaK2008/04/22 17:14:21
    they asked me to send back 2 and keep one for my honesty, I will because it's what feels right. They did stuff up where they sent them to though and the company doesn't seem very organised.

    Maybe I should send the spares onto you michelle :)
  • admin2008/04/22 17:24:14
    mamak - did you read the third post down in this thread http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/showthread.php?t=8810

    Not sure if I'd be so lenient with them, but your honesty is commendable :)
  • diider2008/04/22 17:29:45
    I am so unhappy with them. All I got in the reply is: we oversold the items at the cheap price so we cant make a loss. tsk tsk. never again!
  • MamaK2008/04/22 21:38:50
    hhhmmm, thanks I hadn't seen that thread.
  • maf1012008/04/23 12:39:58
    Maybe I should send the spares onto you michelle :)

    Thank you very much for the offer.

    I'm confused. They said they're canceling my order and giving me a refund. Today I receive 2 flash drives in the mail. I checked my Paypay. They haven't given me a refund so they must of decided to honour the original price. Any ways, I'm happy.

    I'm not going to buy from these people again.

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