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12 Red Roses in + a Box of Chocolates for Just $99 + 10% OFf - Valentines Day (PayPal)

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Posted By: golfwidow, posted 2008/02/03 22:51
Spoil your Valentine with this gorgeous arrangement of a dozen luscious red roses in a posy box plus a box of delicious chocolates for just $99, only when you pay via PayPal.

Conditions apply.

** Flowers will be delivered from 9am until 6pm on Feb 14th.
We are unable to offer specific delivery times.
If your order is going to a business premises it is vital that we are given the business name and phone number.

** See below for instructions on how to appy the 10% OFF Voucher **
Expiry date:2008/02/13
  • scatman002008/02/04 17:08:59
    No mention of chocolates in that deal or did i just misread it :eek:
  • golfwidow2008/02/04 17:20:21
    Ok i stuffed up the link. If you follow through this link then click on left it says "Paypal Special'. If someone wants to please fix it for me feel free :)
  • lilpretzel2008/02/04 18:38:55
    Link fixed and picture added.

  • lilpretzel2008/02/04 18:44:12
    To make this deal that bit sweeter, use the original link but go to another item and add the 10% off code [SIZE=5]paypal[/SIZE], than use your back button to get back to the original offer.

    You will now see a 10% discount of $9.90 :w00t:

    [/COLOR][LEFT][COLOR=Red]You need to do this as there is no voucher redeem box on this deal ( Be quick, it might get picked up ) [/COLOR];)
  • golfwidow2008/02/04 19:27:56
    Even better :) Thanks!
  • nod2008/02/04 19:31:19
    a nice little discount there Lilpretzel :D
  • ScarletRubies2008/02/04 19:50:38
    Great price, but as a bit of a flower snob, can I just say that it ought to be illegal to snip a rose stem for a posy? Long stems look so much better (with the possible exception of in a bridal bouquet) - not that I am a rose junkie.

    In fact, for those sending flowers to a new love/interest, send something more unexpected - go for lillies or something else not so bog standard.

    Of course, if you know your partner loves short stemmed red-roses, ignore me. What do I know anyway? ;)

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