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12 clear shoe boxes delivered for $39.69 from Bear and Duck

Posted By: nod, posted 2007/09/02 08:11
After looking in to ScarletRubies deal for shoe boxes I thought I would check out the Bear and Duck site
And I found that you can get 12 shoe boxes delivered for $39.69 - ie
$3.30 each!!!

Sorry ScarletRubies

I have attached the deal for the code BUT the code to use is JP001
  • ScarletRubies2007/09/03 00:35:01
    Well, darn. Just have to vote hot then, don't I? ;)

    Oh, not my first deal btw, Nod - nor my finest apparently!!! :D
  • admin2007/09/03 08:47:50
    imelda marcos here we come.....

    I mean - we gotta have something to fill the shoe boxes with :)
  • fairybelle2007/09/03 09:58:45
    Wow, thats a great deal... i was just thinking this morning about checking out the prices of the boxes (I did some MORE shoe shopping on the weekend!)
    So, thanks Nod great find
  • voteoften2007/09/03 11:05:25
    I can not find a photo of the actual boxes on the website. I am going to email them and ask them to put one up.
  • nod2007/09/03 18:54:46
    Their piccies are a bit too artistic for my liking too :D
    Let us know how it goes Voteoften and post it up here if you can

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