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$100 Optus mobile recharge card for $30 @ Always on Sale

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Posted By: nod, posted 2008/10/29 14:13
$70 saving on a recharge card is not something I have seen before. So if you have an optus prepaid mobile and you talk a lot then grab one of these.
Down side is that you need to use the credit within 30d of activation
  • nod2008/10/29 14:23:01
    Another option for Optus pre-paid customers is to buy a starter kit online (and activate it) for $29.95 and for a limited time they are offering $100 credit :)
  • lilpretzel2008/10/29 14:56:43
    I wonder if this $100 recharge works the same as you buy in the shops?

    Depends on what Pre-Paid plan your on $100 recharge gives you heaps of credit.

  • fairybelle2008/10/29 15:22:00
    what so its just like you pay $30.00 and get $100.00 of calls..
    Better off getting from optus shop then
  • lilpretzel2008/10/29 15:41:44
    This is actually a $100 Optus Pre-Paid Recharge Card fairybelle, if you went into Optus they would charge you $100.00 ( Well that's what I think )

  • fairybelle2008/10/29 16:24:19
    so do you get to choose one of the options like the Turbo Cap etc
    Im confused?
  • lilpretzel2008/10/29 16:40:40
    That's what I was wondering fairybelle :confused:

    It looks like a normal recharge card but who really knows.
  • lilpretzel2008/10/29 16:42:28
    They also have a $250 recharge for [COLOR=red]Only $60[/COLOR]
  • Brad2008/10/29 16:54:50
    They also have a $250 recharge for [COLOR=red]Only $60[/COLOR]

    Optus don't sell $250 recharges, do they? :eek:
  • nod2008/10/29 18:38:24
    you would need to make a lot of calls in 30 days that is for sure
  • trevorf2008/10/29 19:15:15
    I'm on a prepaid option where credits last 60-days, so kinda unsure about this.

    Do let us know if someone purchases this.
  • golfwidow2008/10/29 19:20:10
    Great bargain. Im with optus on the Turbocharge and my credit lasts 30 days anyway :)

    Actually by the looks of it it is just $100 worth of credit for $30. No extra bits. I may be wrong though.
  • lilpretzel2008/10/29 19:36:52
    Well Golfy you grab one let us know please ;)
  • RodH2008/10/29 21:51:53
    sounds to me like this is just a $30 recharge that gives you $100 worth of credit

    I am already on Optus Turbocharge and get a smilar sort of though, with any $30 recharge I buy anywhere..

    it's just like a cap..
  • admin2008/10/29 22:36:12
    so rod with your optis option if you buy $30 you get $100 call credit ?
  • leny2008/10/29 22:38:20
    This is so simple you have started to confuse me as well.

    You pay the $30 and get a $100 recharge card, and then what extras you get is up to your plan. But it would be treated as a $100 card.
  • golfwidow2008/10/29 22:38:34
    Optus Turbocharge is $30 for $170 of credit :) I have this so I don't think i'll buy above as it's not as good as what I already get.
  • leny2008/10/29 22:39:26
    I'm on a prepaid option where credits last 60-days, so kinda unsure about this.

    Do let us know if someone purchases this.

    Obviously, this one will only last the 30 days as advertised. It's like the 7 day $10 recharge card.
  • fairybelle2008/10/30 11:38:04
    so really its not really "special" then... its just like a regular $30.00 turbo cap thing
  • port2008/10/30 17:41:46
    you would need to make a lot of calls in 30 days that is for sure

    Optus rates are pretty high, and the Internet will be roughly $25/MB from 1st November. So it wouldn't really take long to chew through it, if you tried. :)

    Looks like there's also a $15 = $50 credit option.
  • snoozin992008/10/31 20:58:01
    Does anyone know whether the $100 is $100 "my credit" and you can use it on anything including premium sms calls?
  • snoozin992008/11/11 13:19:26
    ok. I got one of the $30 recharges! Wish I hadn't of bothered now coz it is $30 my credit and $70 rev up money! So I can't use the $70 on premium sms calls.

    This is no better than what you can get directly from purchasing from Optus on the net....in fact, Optus is better coz I don't have to use it in 30 days.

    I don't think this is a completely honest sale coz it doesn't specify clearly what is included in the $100 credit etc. But then I should have run the customer service no. to clarify.

    Just thought you'd all like to know what's included in the credit.
  • fairybelle2008/11/11 13:39:40
    i think thats why i didnt purchase to begin with, i was a bit sketchy of the details
  • jdstacey2009/01/06 15:01:41
    http://www.optus.com.au/prepaidredeem for terms and conditions

    1. This offer is only available to customers who have redeemed reward points through their credit card rewards program or through selected gift card distributors. These recharge cards are not available for purchase through any Optus Dealers and are not available via Credit Card Recharge or ATM Recharge. They must only be used as part of the selected loyalty or credit card rewards program.
    2. Recharge cards cannot be exchanged for cash and are not transferable.
    3. Customers must have a mobile phone connected with the Optus network to utilise the credit. If you require an Optus Pre-Paid Mobile Start-Up Kit please visit your local Optus Dealer. [url]www.optus.com.au/storelocator[/url]
    4. $100 Recharge Card: Includes $30 MyCredit plus $70 Rev Up Bonus. $250 Recharge Card: Includes $60 MyCredit plus $190 Rev Up Bonus. Rev Up Bonus excludes some call types. For some call types, any free minutes or text included in your calling offer will be used before your MyCredit and Rev Up Bonus is used.
    5. Rev Up Bonus credit expires 30 days from date of activation. Rev Up Bonus excludes premium SMS and content, international roaming charges, Zoo content usage charges, Instant Messenger, video calling and 966.
    6. MyCredit expiry depends on your rate plan.
    7. This offer should not be used to recharge your Pre-Paid Optus Wireless Broadband service. If you do so, you will only receive the MyCredit value and the Rev Up Bonus credit will not be applied.
  • admin2009/01/06 21:29:55
    Thanks for the clarification snoozin99

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