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$100 free bet with Sporting Bet on a $30 deposit for new members! (PLUS more)

Posted By: jayne, posted 2007/10/31 06:12
There is a banner on the Sporting Bet website which may be of interest to some of you, so I'll post the information here. Now, I'm not terribly familiar with the betting scene, so I can only write what I see there. If anyone has experience of offers like this, please comment below, as we would love to hear your opinions.

If you join Sporting Bet as a new member and deposit $30, they will give you a $100 free bet. (Only available on your first deposit). Then, for each additional $100 you deposit, you get another free $100 (up to a max of $300 in free bets).

So if anyone is interested in trying this, it is up to you and be savvy and read the full T&Cs on their website.
  • jayne2007/10/31 22:13:02
    Found these T&CS, so I'll paste here for reference:

    When you join Sportingbet Australia, you have the opportunity to receive up to $300 worth of Free Bets.
    You will receive the first $100 Free Bet when your initial deposit is a minimum of $30 and this can be placed on any market available at the time of placing the bet.
    For each additional $100 you deposit, you will get an extra $100 Free Bet. The Free Bets can be placed on selected markets available via the Free Bet menu. This is only available on your first deposit.
    Get up to $300 in Free Bets - Terms and Conditions[LIST=1]
    [*] The 'Join and Fund' Free Bet promotion means that new members who open and fund their account with a minimum of $30 will receive a $100 Free Bet.
    [*]For each additional $100 deposited on the first deposit an extra $100 Free Bet will be added to the account.
    [*]The total value of Free Bets that will be credited is $300.
    [*] Only one 'Join and Fund' Free Bet per member and per residence is allowed and each member must fund their account using their own credit card or own bank account.
    [*]Free Bets will only be awarded on the first funding of the account.
    [*]Prior to any withdrawal, both the deposit and any bonus funds accrued via Free Bets must be turned over at least once (1x).
    [*]The first $100 Free Bet may be placed on any Sports or Racing market available at the time of placement, however only one Free Bet (from any promotion) can be used per event or match.
    [*]The second and third $100 Free Bets may be placed on selected markets available in the Free Bet menu.
    [*]For winning Free Bets, winnings will be paid excluding the initial $100 Free Bet stake. This means that if the Free Bet is placed on a selection paying $2.15, the net winnings paid will be $115, (i.e. $215 less the $100 Free Bet).
    [*]All Free Bets are intended for recreational gamblers only. Players considered to be abusing the bonus system by any means (or breaching these terms and conditions) may have bonuses revoked or cancelled.
    [*]If the identification requirements have not been met within 90 days of opening an account, the free bet and/or any winnings resulting from that free bet will be declared null and void.
    [*]The maximum winnings payable on any $100 Free Bet is $10,000 (i.e. maximum odds of $101).
    [*]Free Bets will expire 30 days after the bet has been awarded if it has not been used (the event can be any time in the future).
    [*]Sportingbet Australia reserves the right to cancel, change or suspend this promotion at any time without notification.
    [*]This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer from Sportingbet.[/LIST]
  • admin2007/10/31 22:19:39
    Anyone heading off there - worth having a read of this thread.
  • nod2007/10/31 22:20:42
    I don't have first hand experience, but it is VERY worth your while to read this thread before you take the plunge

    If you go in with your eyes open and know who to get your money back it might be a good way to put a bet on the Melbourne Cup next week
  • jayne2007/10/31 22:21:02
    Anyone heading off there - worth having a read of this thread.

    Thanks admin, good idea.
  • nod2007/10/31 22:21:14
    beaten by one minute :D
    I of course have provided more information :)
  • robs2007/10/31 22:27:14
    Looks like fun..is there cashback too?? I can't get the link to work?
  • jayne2007/10/31 22:30:30
    Looks like fun..is there cashback too?? I can't get the link to work?

    There is no cashback any more, but the link should be ok now. thanks for the fix nod.
  • robs2007/11/06 16:03:18
    Well, it was fun... Squandered the $30 of my real money, but put the $100 free bet on the Melbourne Cup, and rather 'efficiently'....won ;-)
    From what I understand, I have to bet all the winnings before I can withdraw it...anyone got a good strategy for betting the whole lot whilst keeping as much as possible??!! EDIT - scrap that request - just found the answer on the thread linked to above!

    p.s. Many thanks for putting me onto this one Jayne!! Buckscoop rules!
  • nod2007/11/06 17:01:45
    good luck with keeping the winnings Robs :)
    You need to find a nice sure thing or at least a 50:50 odds bet :)

    Buckscoop rules!

    Glad we could help
  • admin2007/11/06 20:02:25
    Well, it was fun... Squandered the $30 of my real money, but put the $100 free bet on the Melbourne Cup, and rather 'efficiently'....won ;-)

    I'm impressed you won ... :)
  • jayne2007/11/06 23:54:02
    Nice one Robs. Good luck with the rest of the endeavour.
  • robs2007/11/16 22:25:47
    Seems to have worked...Found out a little about arbitrage betting (this starts getting a little scary...) & bet the lot on the favorite of an American basketball match last night (I know LOTS about basketball...not). By making a second bet (staking an amount that would win the same amount as the first bet) on the non favourite with a different bookie, I ended up with a guaranteed win, irrespective of who actually won the game, due to a discrepancy in the odds between bookies. Bet on both sides & win no matter what the result. This is a rare occurence apparently.
    So have cashed out of the sportingbet account with all winnings & a little more (only a few dollars) intact.
    Many thanks for this one guys.. Roll on the next Melbourne cup!!
  • admin2007/11/16 22:33:36
    arbitrage starts to get interesting doesnt it. Sucks me in - not so much in the context of gambling but more in business.

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