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10% off all Apple Ipods 26th October only @ Dick Smith

Posted By: sandgroper, posted 2008/10/26 17:21
I'm a bit late with this deal, it finishes today but if your looking for an Ipod the extra 10% off may just make it for you.

If you click through to the main Ipod page then select any Ipod there the sidebar listing will allow you to navigate to all the other Ipods on discount too.
Expiry date:2008/10/26
  • admin2008/10/26 17:49:17
    I was in dicky smiths yesterday and overheard the salegirl discussing with the manager about a 'extra' discount that someone had asked for on an ipod and that they'd give. Unfortunately I didnt hear exactly what it was they were saying. The ending sentence was "no further discounts on the Ipods"
  • nod2008/10/26 17:51:45
    ah ... I wonder if they have a value that they can 'drop' on the ipods and then the sale ends??

    But how can they do that if they still have stock and the sale is on until tomorrow? :eek:

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