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1-day - Cadbury 12pk Old Gold Mildly Dark only $5.99 + shipping

Posted By: kazyazy, posted 2009/09/22 12:19
Limit of 1 pack per customer. Each pack includes 12 x 220g blocks of Cadbury Old Gold Mildly Dark Chocolate. Best Before October 2009. Shipping is $5.99.
Expiry date:2009/09/23
  • Rebekah762009/09/22 12:31:27
    I bought some the other week when they had them. they said Sept useby date on the website and the ones we got have an Oct date..

    very good quality. tasty.. don't think there'll be any left by the time the use by date comes around!!
  • voteoften2009/09/22 12:45:57
    Thanks. I just ought another lot. It is a good marketing ploy to allow only one lot. Gives it a bit of a scarce feel.
  • Keeys2009/09/22 13:07:33
    The link only takes you to a photo someone might want to fix it up :)

    Great deal my other lot was great and the hursheys arrived today YUM!!
  • NoosieB2009/09/22 14:16:21
    Here's the link to take you straight through to the choccies.
    1-day - Cadbury 12pk Old Gold Mildly Dark
  • golfwidow2009/09/22 16:20:19
    Have fixed up link :)
  • queenshrew2009/09/24 17:10:34
    I decided to buy a lot too.
    Going to make chocolate spiders, and all sorts of chocolate yummies...

    Can't wait to receive mine :)

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