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1 day - 18 items selling all day - changes every 30 minutes

Posted By: Lilly, posted 2010/07/17 12:04
today on 1 day they have 18 different products which are going to change every 30 minutes or until they are sold out.

there are a few different knife sets on at the minute for $9.99 that look quite good.
  • blondieo2010/07/17 12:20:49
    Looks interesting! Love waiting to see what comes up on these days!

    A bit more info:
    Feel like you’ve seen these deals before... well you probably have! Each and every Saturday we’re now bringing you 18 deals - 15 leftovers that you’ve seen before, plus 3 brand spanking new deals. Just think of it as your usual 1-day day, however every 30 minutes or once a product sells out, we’ll replace it with another ridiculously low priced item until we’re all out of stock!

    Oh and welcome to Bucky Lilly! ;)
  • lisss2010/07/17 16:14:30
    They do this every Saturday and have been for some time. Its mostly stuff thats already been sold on 1-day but they have extra stock to get rid of so the prices are good but no combined postage and no returns.
  • Gnaden2010/07/20 16:34:30
    why can I only see 3 items? Janet
  • Rebekah762010/07/20 18:50:35
    they do 3 most days and once they are sold out, it's too bad

    on Sat, they still only show 3 at a time, but as those sell out, they add others.

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