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  • Trend Micro Internet Security - 10% with this coupon + 16% buckscoop cashback
    10% OFF

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    • nod28/07/2008
      mixed reviews out there about the quality of the anti virus software. Interestingly one says that it was super easy to install and another really hard :D

      But never used it myself. Anyone else has?
      It has got to be better than Nortons :D
    • admin28/07/2008
      Seems to be hard to find an antivirus that doesnt install a bunch of other crap which then causes your machine to slow down. Have tried Kasperkys, Nortons and Zone Alarm which have all been pretty similar. Be interested to hear what others have found to be nice and slimlined.
    • agentcloudy27/05/2009
      Been using trend micro and it's actually pretty good. It doesn't allow you to install any other security software and that aggravated me at the start cause I love experimenting with every new thing that comes along, but it's a good result in the end cause my computer has had only one format since I started on it. This is compared with once every 2 months before. It does simplify everything and you can control how many notifications you want. Compared with other software, it's very, very user friendly. I would say other software would have 4x the amount of configuration required, and for the normal user, that's like 3 times too much. It doesn't slow my browsing down as well, unless it begins a scheduled full system scan in the middle of the night. BTW, does anyone know if this offer is only for the internet security program, or can you join up with the PRO version with this offer?

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Trend Micro ( is a supplier of cloud computing antivirus software. You can download Trend Micro housecall and give your computer a free scan and clean up, or buy the Trend Micro Internet Security Pro. Trend Micro also issues promotional codes which you can apply to get discounts on the latest software or when you log in to your Trend Micro account for updates. You can also use Trend Micro trial before you place your order.

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