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Expired Coupon Code for Slysoft
  • 20% off Coupon at Slysoft (inc. AnyDVD)
    20% OFF

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    • admin21/11/2007
      anyDVD - now thats smart.

      I periodically have a need for that and clone DVD :)

      Thanks kearnsy
    • nod21/11/2007
      Great idea. You can also use the software for a 21 day trial to see what you think - they you will need to fork out some cash.
      Shame that the code runs out in a few days though... foils my master plan :D

      Thanks Kearnsy :)
    • scatman0021/11/2007
      ohhh, the irony of paying for a product that is mainly used to "pirate" dvd's :whistling:
    • admin21/11/2007
      double irony - downloading a pirate version of the software used to make pirate versions of DVD's
    • kearnsy22/11/2007
      Hi Guys,

      I don't have any experience with the other products but AnyDVD is great, I purchased it last time when they had their haloween promotion.

      I primarily use it for removing the regions of my vast international DVD collection but looking at the features list it has a lot more to offer ;) (it was worth it just for what I wanted it to do).

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