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    • Debz31/10/2007

      Glow Brick - Blue - $61.90 inc shipping.
    • nod31/10/2007
      Nice way to launch a shop :)
      Pop out a discount code
    • lisss31/10/2007
      They have some really cute retro kitchenware :) Nice find!
    • lisss31/10/2007
      I must say I love this raunchy wrapping paper: LOL
    • nod31/10/2007
      Not really the kind of stuff to wrap Grannies chrissie present in :D
    • jayne31/10/2007

      It's so tacky, I love it. I got the other gender one for the OH last anniversary. Wrapped up the gift, all nice and lovely, and it had the nekkid women inside! Excellent!

      Thanks for the post Debz!
    • Debz01/11/2007
      Not really the kind of stuff to wrap Grannies chrissie present in :D

      Maybe if you hide her glasses :whistling:
    • admin01/11/2007
      :D raunchy wrapping paper - pure class.....

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