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Reusuable Bags
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  • REUSABLE BAGS: 20% off Coupon
    20% OFF

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    • admin13/10/2008
      :D classic. I never would have thought someone would come up with a re-usable bag site. I'll give you a hot queenshrew.
    • queenshrew13/10/2008
      This site is hot, donkey :D

      It's a US site..

      They're very 'green'!!!

      I really want to buy a new Kleen Kanteen bottle and some of their cotton shopping bags (4 bags + 4 produce bag for $19.95)! Wonder if I can justify it with the 20% discount, despite our currency's nosedive lol
    • admin13/10/2008
      Interesting idea. Its not that a lot of the stuff they have there is uniquely re-usable, but more that they've sourced their supplies based on the concept of whether its a product you could feasibly re-use. Credit to them.
    • admin13/10/2008
      I quite like the cornstarch rubbish bags.
    • queenshrew13/10/2008
      I just worked out that even with our dollar dipping so's still worth purchasing from this store, with the 20% discount coupon. Works out to free postage for me, and still cheaper than buying in AU - the few things I want anyway. :D

      Anyway, here's an Aussie based cool store that has the same concept as the US store :D Although not as many things..but it's slowly getting there.. hehe

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