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  • Get Cool this Summer with our Cool Gel Matt with Free cover Now $99 Use coupon code cool
    $299 OFF

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    This site has been opened in a new window for you to shop. To redeem the discount enter the code cool when you reach the checkout. If the website did not open, click here.
    Get Cool this Summer with our Cool Gel Matt with Free cover Now $99 Use coupon code cool The Cool Sleep Smart Mat is a patented mat that you place on top of your mattress or pillow, or under your sheets - and when you lie on it you'll enjoy a virtually instant cooling effect. This is because the unique heat absorbing gel within the mat absorbs body heat, reducing your temperature and allowing you to stay cool and relaxed while you drift off to sleep. Suitable for women experiencing hot flushes, or simply for those who are 'hot sleepers' who require cooling fans or air-conditioners to sleep. As the cool sleep mat does not require electricity or batteries and is completely silent, there is also no partner disturbance such as with a fan or air conditioners that may only suit one person. Features Cools You Down By Absorbing Body Heat Easy To Use Safe, Environmentally Friendly & No Running Costs Provides Effective Relief from Extreme Heat No Batteries or Electricity Required Non-Toxic Provides A Cool, Comfortable Sleep Specifications Dimensions (W x L) 75cm x 100cm approx Package Dimensions (L x W x H) 39cm x 18cm x 8cm approx Package Weight 4.1kg Please Note: When not laying on the mat, the fluid inside will be approximately room temperature and can absorb heat until it reaches equilibrium with body temperature (37C.) The length of time the mat feels cool depends on it's initial temperature and the size of the person laying on it, typical times are from 30-60 minutes. Once the mat has warmed up it cannot cool down on it's own unless put into a location where it can release heat. If you require extra cooling and wish to prolong the mat's effect, try placing it in the refrigerator for up to two hours before use. .

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