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Expired Coupon Code for Optical Direct
  • Various codes for discounted glasses @ Optical Direct (Jai Kudo & Mako brands)
    $10 OFF

    Did the Coupon Work?

    This site has been opened in a new window for you to shop. To redeem the discount enter the code MC0710 / JC0710 when you reach the checkout. If the website did not open, click here.
    Not Applicable
    • jayne28/10/2007
      New ones:
      [*]JC0711 - $30 coupon for any JAI KUDO eyeglasses purchase

      [*]MC0711 - $10 coupon for any Mako Sunglasses purchase
    • Keeys28/10/2007
      Jayne I can't get the link to work on this one ...did I break it ? ;)
    • admin28/10/2007
      neither can I keeys. Not sure what the problem is. There's something up with their system. Its the correct domain name - so may just be something transient.
    • nod28/10/2007
      Link seems to be working now :)
    • jayne29/10/2007
      Jayne I can't get the link to work on this one ...did I break it ? ;)

      Must have just been virtual poltergeist activity keeys.
    • admin29/10/2007
      :D - and a fitting avatar to go with the comment jayne.

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