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Expired Coupon Code for New Internationalist
  • New Internationalist Shop: FREE $15.00 Discount Voucher - No Minimum Spend, Various Freebies!
    $15.00 OFF

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    This site has been opened in a new window for you to shop. To redeem the discount enter the code PANEWS0901 when you reach the checkout. If the website did not open, click here.
    Not Applicable
    • Brad04/02/2009
    • Brad04/02/2009
      A few choices of free items:
      NI Easy-Pay new subscription + free map $7.20
      Countdown To A Fairer World $5.00
      Funny Weather $7.50
    • Brad04/02/2009
      The Grand Experiment $9.90
      NI One World Almanac 2009 Calendar $10.00
    • kazyazy04/02/2009
      I can't find the voucher
    • melissanj04/02/2009
      where abouts do you select the voucher? i cant find it!
    • queenshrew04/02/2009
      Hi guys, you need to activate the gift certificate here

      Hope that helps :)
    • Brad05/02/2009
      Thanks Queenshrew :flowers:
    • melissanj05/02/2009
      thanks queenshrew

      i made sure i bought enough to pay some monies i felt bad about taking from them lol
    • fairybelle06/02/2009
      yeah i feel bad for getting free stuff too.. columbian coffee..yum
    • queenshrew06/02/2009
      They seem to be genuinely interested in helping the poor with fair trade etc. and change our way of viewing things we've taken for granted for the better.. I would feel soo guilty if I buy anything for free :o
    • fairybelle06/02/2009
      well i brought two coffees for 9.43 shipped and i still felt bad
    • MamaK06/02/2009
      I agree, I had some prayer flags in my cart for 90c but couldn't go through with it, perhaps if I get some coffee too ;)
    • Wally08/02/2009
      Darn! No Calendars or Almenacs left
    • rack16/09/2009
      i ordered from these guys previously using a same kinda voucher. nothing showed up.

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