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Expired Coupon Code for Jetabroad
  • Make an International Flight $500 & over @ Jet Abroad, Get $100 cashback!
    $100.00 OFF

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    • Brad05/03/2008
    • voteoften05/03/2008
      Jetabroad Service Fee
      $100.00 per ticket
    • Brad05/03/2008
      Jetabroad Service Fee
      $100.00 per ticket

      Very sneaky.

      Well, free service fee then - :D
    • voteoften05/03/2008
      With them a $9 tiger fare would be a $109 tiger fare. They probably have a crdit card upcharge too . In tiger's case, it could be more that the actual fare!
    • admin05/03/2008
      how scummy is that. Think we'll expire this.
    • leny06/03/2008
      $100 is beyond a rip-off.
    • leny06/03/2008
      Also, I have looked up some trips and compared the prices with another agency + airlines, and their prices come up at $200 more expensive!
    • admin06/03/2008
      you mean the jet abroad ones Leny ? Love it when somewhere like buckscoop helps lay this sort of marketing idiocy bare. More power to the consumer in the relationship I say.....!
    • leny06/03/2008
      Yes on that website. Shame on them, it really is pure idiocy. I shouldn't be one to talk though because I wouldn't have found the fact that they charge a $100 fee, if you know what I mean. ;)
    • voteoften07/03/2008
      it was probably $100 each way for a return trip
    • voteoften07/03/2008
      Actually paypal should be ashamed of themselves for promoting this.............

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