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  • FREE InTheMix CD 2006 with any purchase @ InTheMix

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    • nod12/06/2007
      Always nice to get a freebie. Never heard of the cd though :o
      Anyone else?
    • Brad12/06/2007
      I haven't myself lol
    • nod12/06/2007
      :D ah good... thought it might just be me
    • admin12/06/2007
      think DOOF DOOF .......

      All I know about in the mix is that they're a music forum. They seem to have a pretty healthy board over there.
    • nod12/06/2007

    • Brad12/06/2007
      Yes Nod, DOOF DOOF. As in cars with large subwoofers driving around... They go DOOF DOOF DOOF.
    • admin13/06/2007
      there's something lovely about the term doof doof - makes me crap myself laughing at how succinctly it refers to exactly what it is that you hear.
    • nod13/06/2007
      Uhuh .... you two going to go cruising the streets later blasting all the poor pedestrians?
    • admin28/07/2007
      I just noticed that this promotion ends July. Not that that makes any difference :)

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