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  • Head to Toe Ascot Vale Special Package - 84% Savings- Zoupon SPAM
    $409 OFF

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    Not Applicable
    • fairybelle20/10/2010
      This is just getting annoying
    • ciciyang20/10/2010
      Yeah, I usually just click on the username who posted the thread and if they have less than 3 posts, I don't bother. Only reason I clicked on this one is because you replied to it.

      Isn't there a way for the mods to screen first-time posters?
    • fairybelle20/10/2010
      I think the mods try to give each new member the benefit of the doubt. I mean some of the newbies might be genuine. But there is rules at Buckscoop and I dont think that they are hard to follow..
      It strange because it seems like its the same person with different usernames all the time... Some people just have a way of posting the deals.
      Becasue now with these new posts they dont mention that they are from Zoupon they post from the company they are doing the deal for. Which is incorrect.
      Also, they never put in the top where the deal is located...
    • golfwidow20/10/2010
      I did SPAM this but decided to put back in forum so you can leave a comment and discuss if you feel the need :)
    • nod21/10/2010
      added my cold vote.

      Zoupon has spammed the board like crazy for the last few months. Not a company I have ANY respect for and I would NEVER EVER buy anything from them as a result of their actions. We have contacted the various members (list is ridiculously long) and they do not even have the decency to reply
    • ciciyang21/10/2010
      A lot of these new accounts are just creating a new username and then posting their ridiculous zoupon deal. I don't think they ever come back again on the same account. (Or do they get banned?) I was simply suggesting filtering out new accounts on their first few comments/posts so the one-time posters will go away. Probably a lot more work on the back end though. I don't know anything about running a forum so maybe this isn't even possible.

      I joined Buckscoop a while ago and was happy to just browse around for good deals. It took me ages before I even wrote my first comment. I doubt the genuine newbies will have a problem with their first few comments being screened if it means they actually see real deals and not just spam. Just a suggestion. I'm happy to keep checking if a user is new or not before checking out their deal... or I usually wait until someone else comments on it.
    • voteoften21/10/2010
      While I agree that spam shouldn't be allowed, I have used Zoupon and am happy with them. Spreets is the one with the absolute worst customer service.

      One deal was cancelled and they still haven't refunded the money. They get the deals wrong and then change the offer without asking if you want the "new" offer. It is annoying because they have ignored some of my emails. They seem to have the best deals, but the worst customer service. I have also not gotten any money from referrals that I know have bought through them. (Friends and family- not spam)

      I buy A LOT of group buying vouchers.
    • Donkey25/10/2010
      Zoupon spam..... it annoys me as well but at the moment I'm figuring out how to get rid of the script that is posting.

      I personally wouldnt use Zoupon as after seeing some of their practices. I think they are unethical, dodgy and spammers.

      What they are doing with these posts is that they appear to have an automated script that creates a new user and posts each day. Why I think Zoupon is dodgy is that the script is using a new IP address each day indicating that zoupon knows their practices are spamming and unethical.

      Writing this makes me think I know how to play their game..... and have some fun in the process.
    • alimac25/10/2010
      Go Donkey:thumbsup:
    • lilpretzel26/10/2010

      [SIZE=5][COLOR=red]Don't get me started...[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    • Rebekah7626/10/2010
      Spreets is the one with the absolute worst customer service.

      One deal was cancelled and they still haven't refunded the money.

      Hi VoteOften,

      if you paid with credit card, get your bank to chase it up - call their helpline and explain that they have not provided the service/product and that you have been waiting for x weeks/months with no refund coming. Your bank should dispute it with the company and you shouldn't have to pay for it on your credit card bill until it is sorted (ie, refunded)

      As much as some people don't like using Credit cards over the net, it is safer in some ways as you have a good avenue for dispute. (Paypal should also be able to dispute it)

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