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  • HDDLife Hard Disk Monitoring Software
    20% OFF

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    • Donkey14/03/2010
      Be interested to hear back on what you find out stevehl - assuming your buying it. I cant see why they wouldnt be able to get a reasonably accurate view on whether a disk is likely to keep going or not - although sitting here thinking - to be accurate you'd need to monitor a hell of a lot of different variables.
    • lukian15/03/2010
      Ubuntu (Live CD) has come with "Palimpsest" Disk Utility for several releases.
      "Disk Utility" reports all the SMART information which your drives offer.
      I'm yet to find a Windows application which does a better job than Palimpsest Disk Utility.
      Screenshot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/303361/Palimpsest.jpg

      Cost: Free.
      Simply download a Ubuntu Linux ISO image, burn it to a disc and reboot your computer with the disc in. Click System -> Administration -> Disk Utility.

      Regarding the "free space" reporting of this claimed "deal", http://www.diskspacefan.com/ or http://www.steffengerlach.de/freeware/ "Scanner" have some of the best visual representations of how your disk space is used. As a side note, this is also available in Ubuntu via Applications -> Accessories -> Disk Usage Analyser, also known as "filelight" or "Baobab".

      "SpeedFan" (Windows freeware) can also give you a quick "health status" of your HDD's.

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