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Expired Coupon Code for Exetel
  • ADSL2 Exetel 24gb peak , Unlimited off Peak and Line rental Included $50 !!
    $15 OFF

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    Not Applicable
    • MamaK13/04/2010
      Is that an agent code niksrulz? do you get anything for someone using the code?

      I've been with exetel for 18mths now and have been really happy with them overall
    • lukian13/04/2010
      Yes, that's a "Lite Agent Code".
    • Donkey13/04/2010
      Thanks lukian.

      I've PM'd niksrulz to tell him we dont allow referral codes - they ruin any objectivity - but he's asked for comments so I'll leave it here a little.

      My comment. Niksrulz explain why this is a good deal compared with other providers? I personally dont think it is.
    • port14/04/2010
      There are a couple of points to note:

      This is not a truly unlimited service like AAPT's or Telstra. There are numerous reports on Whingepool of Exetel booting customers who use too much.

      Also, this isn't the "truly unlimited" service, which is only available to some existing Exetel subscribers.
    • Donkey14/04/2010
      Its not even cheap - and the idea of $15 off 1 month is not worth bothering with.

      Good example of why we dont let merchants or flagrant self promoters post directly to the board. They always have the 'best deal'. Bunch of crap if you ask me.

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