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Expired coupon for Dropbox
  • Extra 2GB Dropbox Storage for Vodafone/3 Customers

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    • lilpretzel21/11/2011
      OMG!! If you txt for a code be prepared to be bombarded with txt saying your only allowed 3 unique codes.. :mad:

      On phone now to 3, they better stop this crap!
    • Rebekah7622/11/2011
      on my planet3 there is a link to follow (I haven't tried it yet) - but that may be another way to get it?
    • ninkasi23/11/2011
      I was lucky enough for a VF user to give me one of their codes.... so extra 2GB! There are services out there that give you more space for free, but dropbox is certainly one of the most pervasive ie is supported by a lot of other mobile applications. On the iPhone for example, I use ShopShop to create shopping lists and can sync them to DropBox and they get updated on my wife's iPhone & vice-versa.... I use "RoadTrip" to track fuel usage and it natively backs up to the cloud as well.... I even have an EyeFi card in a rugged point&shoot used mainly by the kids and I don't have to hunt it down as (although it doesn't support Dropbox natively yet) the photos it takes automatically transfer to the EyeFi servers and then my pc at home backs that up to DropBox so I automatically end up with a local and a couple of remote copies of the photos.... [can also be handy to find out who last used the camera so can then track it down if necessary!].
    • lilpretzel24/11/2011
      After 4 hours they finally managed to STOP the txt messages.. I'm sooooo over 3..
    • eron27/11/2011
      Now only 2 unique codes per mobile acct.

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