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  • Broadband gear: 20% discount code wireless routers
    20% OFF

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    • nod12/06/2008
      Thanks Wheadle. You can also get a freebie with the OPEN824RLW. The price is $125, which is one of the lowest around. So with the 20% off this is a very good price. Esp with the freebie :)

      FREE! Buy the 824RLW (3 port) and receive a 306W Wireless Adapter valued at $29.95. The 306W adapter will allow you to connect any PC to your wireless modem. Don’t delay – order today!
    • bluntman13/06/2008
      Damn thats hot!
    • sionghua25/06/2008
      Do not buy from them! I bought an Open824RLW from them last week and I

      have endless problems with it.

      1. I have set the SSID to 'Tan' with wpa2 security but after leaving it

      on for a few days it was automatically changed to 'Venus' with no

      security, upon attempts to connect to 'Venus' it will disappear

      completely. When connected with cable checked the SSID was still set to

      'Tan'. After restart SSID changed back to 'Tan'.

      2. Very frequently even though the ppp light is on and the router is

      connected to Internet my access to Internet seems to be stopped for a

      certain period (a few minutes) and after that it works again. Not a

      problem with my PC because there is no such problem when I am using other

      router even right now.

      3. If the router is connected to PPP this time and I restart it, it will

      not be able to establish ppp connection although the adsl light is

      steady. If I restart it again it will connect ok. Then if I restart it

      again it will not connect again.

      4. Sometimes after the ppp is connected for a period of time it

      automatically gets disconnected. Not line problem as I have no problem

      with other modem for months, and even right now.

      5. Left it overnight with bittorrrents running the next morning upnp not


      6. With bittorrents running overnight often the router restart and froze

      during the night. Not one night has bitttorrents able to download

      normally, no problem with other routers.
    • admin26/06/2008
      so a bit dodgy huh sionghua
    • nod26/06/2008
      Have you returned the router Sionghua? You might have just been unlucky to get a faulty item :(

      Let us know how it all goes with the Broadband gear and their customer service . They are a new merchant on Buckscoop so it is always good to receive feedback

      Welcome by the way :flowers:
    • wombatblue29/06/2008
      the voucher won't work, it must have expired :(
    • admin29/06/2008
      Thanks wombatblue

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