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January 16

Use the current Skype promo code for 30% off gift cards to top up on the cheap

Posted by on January 16, 2013 at 8:58 AM

Use the current Skype promo code for 30% off gift cards to top up on the cheapWorth a blog post for two reasons. 1 because its the first time I’ve seen a skype promo code and 2 because its a neat way to top up your credit on the the cheap.

I’ve been using Skype more frequently for call, including often after drowning my phone in the ocean just before christmas. Skype used to be crap for calls but they’ve done a lot of work picking the service up to the point now where I’ve virtually given up using the Voip service I’d had running.

So the deal is that Skype have just put out a promo code for 30% off the cost of skype gift cards. You can buy gift cards in values from $10 through to $75. Under the terms of the promo you can buy and redeem a max of 5 gift cards in any one month. In theory that means you could get yourself $375 in credit for $262.50. Heck, you could probably even sell them on ebay…….

Purchasing the gift vouchers is straight forward. Choose your layout, the recipient, your message and pay for them – visa, paypal etc. The virtual card will be delivered to the named recipient and each contains a voucher code. When you go into your account section down under the Settings and Extras area you’ll see a link to ‘redeem voucher’ use the code on your gift card to top up your credit.

Check this thread for the promo code and make sure you let us know when it works for you.

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