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September 13

Steaming Bargain – Get GTA5 for Just $61 with JB Hifi Trade Two for One Offer!

Posted by on September 13, 2013 at 1:49 AM

Screaming bargain at JB Hifi where you can pick up a copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 for just $61! So let’s break it down and show you the magic behind how to do this.

Steaming Bargain – Get GTA5 for Just $61 with JB Hifi Trade Two for One Offer!

Grand Theft Auto 5

JB Hifi have brought back their two for one trade deal where they provide a list of games which they’re prepared to accept as trade for a new game. Basically, all you need to do is find two games on that list which you own copies of and if you bring them in, they’ll trade these for a brand new game of your choice*. For the full list of T&C’s on their trade-in deal, go here.

At the same time, EB Games currently have a sale on with many of the game titles matching those in the list of JB Hifi’s trade two for one deal above. Quite a few of EB’s games are selling for $35 each and include titles such as Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, and GRID 2. That means you can pickup two of these for $70 and trade them in at JB Hifi for your very own copy of Grand Theft Auto 5.  But there’s more…


Steaming Bargain – Get GTA5 for Just $61 with JB Hifi Trade Two for One Offer!

Our resident gaming guru, kryptick, not content with the bargain price he’d already discovered, then cottoned onto the fact that EB Games will be offering an additional 13% discount as part of a “Friday the 13th” promo. Take note though, this promo will only be run for one hour. So make sure you purchase between 1pm – 2pm (AEST), Friday 13th September, as that’s when they’ll be slashing the extra 13% off sale items.


In summary, this means you’ll be able to pickup the two necessary trade-in titles at EB Games for $61, which then ultimately gets you one of the most anticipated and talked about games of all time – GTA5!

As a final note Kryptick also added (still not content with this now steaming bargain) that he knows of a lot of guys who have scored Tomb Raider and Halo 4 in particular from Cash Converters for between $20 to $30. An extra tip for anyone keen on squeezing every ounce of red-hot-bargainess out of this deal.


* To sum up the JB Hifi trade in process, you’ll need to provide identification in-store, in W.A. all goods being traded in must have been bought by you as new (so officially no trading in of “third-hand” games), and if the trade-in value is more than $200 then you’ll also need to provide proof-of-purchase for the games.

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