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February 3

Personalised Drinks Bottle $9 @ Scoopon

Posted by on February 3, 2013 at 1:41 AM

Personalised Drinks Bottle $9 @ Scoopon

My girls aren’t even in school yet and we go through bottles and shoes at an alarming rate. Honestly, I don’t even like buying new bottles and sippy cups, because they disappear so quickly. Added to that, we find our group of friends all seem to gravitate to the same brands and colours, so it’s not unusual to find a few of the same thing around whatever room or play park we’re congregated at. I really like the idea of personalising bottles – my girls have unusual names, so that’ll help!

This bottle will cost you $9 – not bad, seeing as that’s less than one I bought in Woolworths last week, and about the same as the back to school range in Target, but this is personalised too.

For $9 you can choose from colourful designs and patterns for this 600ml bottle. It’s available in a pop-up, screw-top lid for easy drinking. It also attaches to your belt or back pack.

You can upgrade your purchase and for $29 receive a matching backpack.  The only thing is, you have to act fast, because the offer is only available for the next 10 hours!

2 Comments to “Personalised Drinks Bottle $9 @ Scoopon”

  1. odysseus says:

    Says 2 days left to buy?

  2. LouiseJ says:

    huh. I wonder if they changed it. Pretty sure it said 10 hours when I first wrote it! Either way, thanks for pointing that out!

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