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May 5

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Which Mums Will Actually Love

Posted by on May 5, 2016 at 8:53 AM

A mothers work is never done, but for the amount of effort and hard work they put into raising children and running the home, it’s nice for kids to give back every now and again to show their appreciation. And what better occasion to do so than Mother’s Day. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend truck loads of money on an expensive gift, however, as this won’t guarantee that you’ll be getting something that mum necessarily likes.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas Which Mums Will Actually Love

It’s often the simplest things in life that can make a mother happiest and the great thing is that there are a number of ways you can do this to say thank you. A quick scan on some of the mother and baby forums across Australia helped me put together the list below which contains some of the most desired gifts by mothers based on what they actually want for Mothers Day.


A Family Breakfast

If you have the time to take your mum out for a nice breakfast in the morning with all your siblings then this is a sure fire way to start her day off the right way. If money is tight this year then nothing beats a beautiful home prepared meal and served in bed. If you choose the breakfast in bed option, make sure you clean up after yourself.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas Which Mums Will Actually Love


Flowers / Hand-made Gifts

Flower displays are a bright and beautiful way for a mother to start her day. Chrysanthemums are traditionally associated with Mother Day, but bunches of daisies or other colourful flowers will also work. If you are unable to be there with your mum for Mothers Day then you can also use companies like Petals to have flowers delivered on your behalf.  Here are some good deals on gift ideas:

Mothers Day Gift Ideas Which Mums Will Actually Love


Feet Up

Nothing says thank you quite like letting your mum take the day off from her daily activities and chores. If you are too young to earn money but want to give mum a break, then you can take over her duties for the day and by this I mean you could; clean the house, make breakfast, lunch and dinner and do the washing. This will give mum a day to herself to potter around the house with nothing to do, giving her a well-deserved mini break.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas Which Mums Will Actually Love



If you happen to be buying for a first time mum, it’s traditional to buy her a piece of jewellery with their child / children’s names on it. The full name or the initials of the child is usually a nice thing to have engraved onto the piece. If you would like to give her something slightly different, you can always give the birthstone of that baby in the form of a necklace or ring too.

  • Shiels Jewellers have a clearance sale on many products
  • Swarovski offer free earrings on orders of $220 (of course, this is the “splash out” option so won’t be suitable to everyone)

Mothers Day Gift Ideas Which Mums Will Actually Love


Pampering and Massage Gifts

These gifts are more ideal for older kids and families who might not necessarily have the time to take mum out for breakfast or do the house cleaning. Sending mum for a day at the spa can be the best option for everyone. Plus, with many discount codes and online bargains available online these days, a pampering session can be a very cost effective way to say thank you. A voucher doesn’t necessarily have to be redeemed on mothers day either, allowing you time to spend with her on the day and for her to enjoy her treatment at a later date:


Mothers Day Gift Ideas Which Mums Will Actually Love


Gift Cards

Every mother has a favourite store, whether is a particular product from one shop or an entire collection from another, I guarantee there is at least one store in which she would be happy to receive a gift card from. Fashion and beauty gift cards are very popular around the time of Mothers Day, so it’s easy to find great online deals and discounts to give mum on her special day. Here are a few that caught our attention:

Mothers Day Gift Ideas Which Mums Will Actually Love

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