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March 15

Metro Kids Decor 60% Off @ Mumgo

Posted by on March 15, 2013 at 11:38 AM

Metro Kids Decor 60% Off @ MumgoMumgo have an offer on Metro Kids Decor at the moment. There up to 60% off with prices from $5.95, and if you’re looking for girly, pinky, pretty things for a child’s room, look no further.

There’s really lovely stuff in the offer like the 3 flower wall hooks for $14.95, or the kids castle bookbends for $12.95 - small touches that make a big difference for decorating a room.

For big changes, you can put a pedestal stand in the room for $12.95, or take it outside with a beach chair for $17.95. There’s a nod to boys too, with car wall decor for $14.95, and even a car shaped chest of drawers box for $7.95.


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