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December 3

Large Plush Toys $20 @ Disney

Posted by on December 3, 2012 at 11:11 AM

If there’s a huge Disney shaped hole under the Christmas tree, this offer is perfect for you: A large plush toy in one of the Disney characters for just $20 – a saving of up to half price.

Large Plush Toys $20 @ DisneyI’ve had a search around online and while there are plenty of Mickey Mouse plush toys around 25cm for near and around $20, there aren’t very many 25″ ones – that being over 63cm. ¬†They are for sale at for US$39.95, and you still have to add in shipping costs.

At the Disney store you’ll find Mickey and Mini, but also some unusual characters, like Bullseye (Toy Story), Crush (Finding Nemo), and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

If your order is over $75 you can use the code SHIPTODAY for free delivery, otherwise you’ll have to add $4.95 for delivery.

2 Comments to “Large Plush Toys $20 @ Disney”

  1. kazyazy says:

    Shipping is $40.50 to Australia so best to spend over $75 for free shipping

  2. LouiseJ says:

    Oh dear! I think I redirected to the US store without noticing. That’s no good good then is it!

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