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May 21

Free Shipping On Rugs From Deals Direct

Posted by on May 21, 2013 at 9:00 AM

One of my favourite things about our house in Perth is the fact that we have been beautiful large white tiled floors throughout. I always feel like I’m on holiday in Spain. Okay, maybe not always, but when I think about holidays in Spain, back in the day, I think of large white tiles on the floors in the holiday accommodation.

Free Shipping On Rugs From Deals DirectOf course, in winter, that’s not so great! It does get a little chilly and having a rug you can have underfoot is very useful and great for making it all a little more cozy.

Free Shipping On Rugs From Deals DirectDeals Direct have anĀ offer on rugs at the moment with some starting prices as low as $29.95 for a round 90×90 shag rug, and going all the way up to $2250, which is obviously not the budget rug.

The real bonus at the moment is the free shipping that comes with it, saving a small fortune in weighty mail.

There’s loads to choose from, including children’s rugs, ideal for bedrooms, play rooms, mats, road maps, alphabet and also beautiful shag pile rugs and gorgeous home accessory type bits.


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