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March 27

Easter Eggstravaganza at Target

Posted by on March 27, 2013 at 1:44 PM

Easter Eggstravaganza at Target

Target has reduced loads of Easter goodies, just in time for the long weekend. Until tomorrow, 28 March, there’s reductions on a huge variety of sugary goodness.

There are differences from store to store, but you should be able to find:

  • Lindt Easter bunnies from $4
  • Kinder Easter egg gift boxes from $3.50
  • Fun Gifts under $10 – these include colouring books, baskets, and craft kits if you’d prefer non-edible Easter gifts
  • Cadbury Easter Caskets for $10 – saving $4

If you pick up a catalogue you’ll find plenty other reductions for ‘Easter gifts’ – although I grimace every time I say those words. When exactly did it become a gift giving holiday?

My grinchiness aside, it’s still a good time to pick up cheaper than usual gifts for occasions arising in the rest of the year!

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