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February 28

Best Dressed Without All The Distress

Posted by on February 28, 2014 at 9:00 AM

There are some excellent fashion deals going on at the moment particularly for women’s dresses. When you are dealing with promos and sales the key is to have a good strategy to maximise your savings, so I’ve put together a couple of tips to help you get the best bang for your buck.


Multi Buy Deals by Stacking Promos

The first tip would be to cash in on one of the multi buy deals that are going on at The Iconic and ASOS.

Best Dressed Without All The DistressASOS spring line is on sale with everything going at 20% off. This discount can be stacked with a huge promo that cuts up to $50 from your total, depending on how much you spend. There is an active deal showing how you can put together 5 items – heels, a camisole, a bag, a playsuit and a sexy knit dress all for $157.94. You can spruce up your entire wardrobe on a budget, or if you just want dresses, then take your pick from those on their spring line. Just make sure you hit the minimum spend (there are discounts being offered for $100, $150 and $200 purchases) to get all the savings.


Best Dressed Without All The DistressThe Iconic offers free shipping on purchases over $50 and sales can be stacked with an ongoing coupon code for 20% off storewide. I put up a deal that gets you 5 dresses for $52.39 with free shipping- the dresses range from $6.88 to $17.98 each. It is more worthwhile to buy them together to get the free shipping, so this deal makes it well worth your while to splurge a little a bit. From 25th Feb, The Iconic will be running a similar promo as ASOS- you can get up to $45 off when you hit a minimum spend threshold of $200.


Stock Up When It’s Sale Time

The next tip is really about planning ahead, whether it’s for prom, a wedding or a party. There are a couple of active deals on for great party dresses.

Best Dressed Without All The DistressBest Dressed Without All The DistressAs previously mentioned, The Iconic’s promo code can be used on sale items, in which category you’ll find plenty of party dresses, such as the AQ/AQ Uropa Mini Dress. Currently, The Iconic coupon  gives you an extra 20% off the price, which has already been reduced by $182. Check out this Buckscoop deal on how to get a $260 dress for $62.39.

Over at Showpo, there is currently a 15% off promo code that is applicable storewide. If you are a fan of the little black dress, this Dolce Vita party dress is going at just $55; it’s a sexy piece that is very versatile and can carry you through different seasons and trends.


Eye Spy

Best Dressed Without All The DistressWhen you come across a really unique piece on sale, every woman knows that you simply must take advantage of the deal (or live to regret it). This Keepsake First Date Bodice in black is $54 shipped at Birdcage Boutique. It is a statement piece that can really transform your look. Keep a look out for items from niche stores like Birdcage Boutique, Beginning Boutique, Fashion Bunker and Princess Polly which offer unique takes on conventional dresses.


Best Dressed Without All The DistressLikewise major online retailers such as The Iconic often have sales on some of their unique lines. Currently you can pick up some cool Cooper St dresses at a significant discount thanks to a 20% off coupon code. There is a Cooper St Hydra ruffle dress for $43.93 and a Lola lemon dress for $76.77.  Cooper St dresses are usually pretty pricey at around $100 to $150. You can also buy these dresses together and add something else to hit the $200 threshold and get $45 off.


Hopefully these tips and deals will help you get some great dresses without having to burn a hole in your pocket.


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